Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Bridesmaid Fever .. Catch it!

Before it catches you!

Made this one for Claudia, who hadn't been around the Haven for quite some time, and whom I personally hadn't captioned in 4 1/2 years, so when she resurfaced, I figured now would be a good time to whip something up for her.

I really don't know much about the "why" of the transformation, other than the girl's brother needed a date. Perhaps the whole family has magical powers but don't really know how to harness them, but she perhaps infused the flowers with a latent spell when picked up by someone who desired her?

I wrote it more being intrigued by the idea of "catching" the bouquet. even when it wasn't quite the wedding reception yet, and the implications of doing so. I thought the idea of him transforming while walking the 10 blocks was a interesting way of changing, and reminiscent of the caption I did at the end of October called, "Release the Hound of Hel .. all we've got is a Shih Tzu? Gah!" though this was in obvious plain sight of potentially MANY people. I wonder if people noticed the TF as it was happening, or if it was too subtle for most observers. "Hey Edna! Is that there a guy in peach high heels and jigging shorts? I guess I've seen everything now!"

Should be back tomorrow. I wanted to post on Monday, but life got in the way. It happens!

Say whatever you feel in the comments. Tell me something I need to hear. Tell me a secret you are afraid to tell your friends and relatives. Tell me three truths and a lie. Tell me something!


  1. Caitlyn posted this .. and then deleted it .. and posted a comment to it. I deleted the original post and it took out her good reply, which luckily I had cut and pasted! Here is what SHE said, not me!

    Typos... DOH!

    I do love wedding captions, and you nailed this one Dee! I didn't consider the idea of people witnessing his transformation, but that really adds a new twist to it!

    Something you need to hear: You are an incredibly talented caption artist that gives inspiration to all of us!

    A secret I've been afraid to tell my friends and relatives: In DX I am getting a boyfriend. And maybe a Mistress.

    Three truths and a lie. I'm terribly shy when I first meet people. I have a perverted kinky mind. I hide away my perverted kinky mind. I've been working on a long form TG story and am about to start publishing it on fictionmania.

    Tell you something: it took me 10 minutes to write up this comment... most of that spent on the truths and lie.

  2. Something you need to hear- A child's laughter.
    a secret - We all joked about that shemale escort advert. erm well a few weeks later.
    three truths. Regrets I've had a few. i wish i was rich, i set my hair alight trying to light a cigarette on the oven hob.
    A lie Toe nail clippings make a tasty pizza topping.