Monday, December 28, 2015

Dude! Your Latin Totally Sucks!

Well, I am never going to Latin America anyway!

The quote from up above was attributed to a former vice-president named Dan Quayle, though I have no idea if it was real or not. Actually, to be fair, I just looked it up and it was fake  . but it does sound like something he would say.

Anyway, I made this caption for Kallie Rae, and was totally based on a saying, "I'm going to keep drinking until this girl looks attractive" aka Beer Goggles. With New Year's Eve coming up, there should be lots of drinking going on so now was the perfect time to make a caption. I'm pretty sure that Latin is hard to learn, so of course, people writing up a spell might have a problem with tenses, or gender association. Why are the words for "table" in Spanish feminine, and "cats" masculine, regardless of their actual sex? Very baffling for me, and I took both French and Spanish in college.

Originally, I was going to make it so that the more drunk SHE got, the prettier he became, which might make more sense in a mistranslation, but it was just easier to tie in HIS dissatisfaction with having to kiss the bosses daughter at the party at midnight .. so if the spell worked, she'd be good looking, and if not, he wouldn't care because he was drunk enough to probably forget about it.

Anyway, the premise didn't have a bunch of twists, but I still wanted to craft it to give out information as the reader needed to know it, in as few words as possible, in the space of a quick conversation. In that regard, I think I did a good job, and the last line was added at the last possible moment, as a way to wrap everything up into a nice little bow.

So, in that spirit, let me know what you think about how I did! Would you have preferred the original plot line? Did I give enough information to convey what I was trying to do? Give me a critique. Its the end of the year, so its a time for introspection and enlightenment!

We lost a rock legend tonight in Lemmy Kilmister from Motorhead. For someone who played a brutal bass line, it always had much groove and swing. Hard to describe but he definitely could get you to do a dirty boogie all night long! Just listen to the bass solo in the middle of this song.

RIP Lemmy! God better get some ear plugs!


  1. So I came, I saw, I conquered, I came. That would be interesting it think about.

  2. Your economy of words tell all that needs to be told. i think the posted version makes more sense. i and illa (i and she) yes works for me.
    it was such a shock to hear that Lemmy had past away. i can't agree more a true rock Legend.

  3. I heard about Lemmy in a motorway service station. It seemed fitting in a sad sort of way. Explaining it to my Boy was harder. He seemed a stand up fella.

    1. He's had more of a cult following here, but got a surprising amount of press here in America. I saw Motorhead open for Megadeth and Dio in 1987 I believe. First song I ever heard from them was Iron Fist, which was on a late night cable show called Night Flight back in the early 80's.