Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Following My Lead .. and DIY Challenge Results!

Why not drink the Cool-aid and WORSHIP ME!

Whipped up this quickie as window dressing to the DIY Challenge results. I liked the coloring of the picture and how the model projected a certain dominance that was subtle and alluring. That, with the angle of how the photo was constructed, seemed to have her looking down at the viewer .. which made me think of the text that now accompanies it. I couldn't make it for anyone, as the model is supposed to represent me, or whomever you'd wish to want to submit to, and people tend to want to SEE what they are going to look like after a transformation happens. This way, I can keep it vague enough that if you wish, YOU can place yourself a few steps below me, and fulfill your destiny, at least within your fantasies.

I had to make the speech confident, well-spoken, and reasoned. That way, she can get to the heart of what the stalker wanted .. or at least scare off your ordinary creep. I'm pretty sure she knew by then what was going on, which makes it seem like this happens to her normally. She gets her way, without negotiations, or she is out the door. Being able to read someone is a wonderful gift to have. We all have it to some extent, but sizing up someone right away is a talent usually underdeveloped.

So until I exercise that trait a bit more, I'll just assume that EVERYONE wants to worship me! LOL

Here are the submissions for the December DIY Challenge. On one hand, it was great because we ended up with 2 multi-panel captions .. but I knew most people would probably be too busy to participate .. But we will try again next year!

First up is Ian, who combined both the Christmas AND New Year challenge into one multi-panel set. I had wondered if anyone was going to do that, and now we know who .. and that it could be done!

Next is Helena, who gives new meaning to the phrase, "Secret Santa". Love the background and went for the naughty vibe that my Christmas captions also seemed to have. Maybe we were BOTH too nice last year!

The last submission was from Brittany, and it is both naughty AND nice .. which is a great combination if you can pull it off, which Brittany does really well here.

Figured I might repost this one too, which I made a few years ago, since it does sort of fit the challenge, if I was allowed to change one word.

Might as well post something that was awesome and came out this year! All hail Sleater Kinney!


  1. I accidentaly erased the rather long coment I was writing. So I'll leave it at gret caps Dee, and Great DIY Ian and Brittany.

    To everybody, A blissfull ending of the year, and a happy new year.

  2. Thanks Helena. love your own and Brittany's captions.
    Of course Everyone wants to Worship you Dee.
    Happy New Year to you all.