Sunday, December 27, 2015

Magical Nylons .. My Ass!

We definitely want to see MUCH more of Katie Mills in 2016!

Made this for Katie Mills, and as I made mention in her trading folder on Rachel's Haven:
Well, I read your eBook from Amazon again recently, and saw this picture, and thought I would do a bit of a tribute to it for you. Also wanted to make you one more caption before the end of the year, hoping that this one finds you in much better spirits than last year did! 
Merry Christmas Sweetie! We want you to come out and play more in 2016!
If you haven't gotten her kindle eBook, "Magical Nylons" on Amazon yet, just click HERE and the link will take you to the purchasing page. It was a fun read, and many detailed changes for the protagonist and his friends, male and female alike!

Katie been poking her head out a little more, and it is so much fun when she is around to comment and make captions for all the nylon lovers out there. Let's hope that 2016 is a bigger and better year for her so we can have the pleasure of more stories and captions from her.

Also, for fans of pantyhose and tights, Hailey Pixley has come back, at least on a limited basis, with a new so-far 7 panel caption series called, "Two Month Mystery" where YOU the reader could influence what happens with a suggestion in the comment section.

Tonight, at midnight PST, is the deadline for the December DIY Challenge. We have a few submissions, but I'm sure you can get one in tonight. If it's a few hours late, I don't think I will mind too much. I'll be assembling them into a post that will likely be up on Wednesday, December 30.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas weekend and that all your loved ones are safe. I'll talk more about my weekend in the next blog post or two.. but I want everyone to know we are doing fine!

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  1. Those tights should come with a warning or being male did he not read it?
    I wonder if they do underpants? Buttock and bulge enhancing. Not for me of course..
    Erm for a friend.