Monday, November 23, 2015

They Don't Make 'Em Like This Anymore! The Downpour!

Sometimes things are more than just black and white.

Well, I loved this picture, and wanted to do it justice. The composition is interesting, and I wanted to catch a sort of Rom Com feel, but also have it be a bit self-aware, but not truly meta where she knows she's in a caption. Keeping it in a "How to lose a guy in 30 days" or "50 first dates" realm with some sort of time limited arrangement would lend itself well to the genre.

I am thinking this is right before the end credits roll. That gives it a classic happy ending. My discussion question is : What do you think happened before this caption to set it up? Don't read the spoiler alert until you've commented OR conjure up the storyline in your head THEN comment on how it differed from my story line. I'm curious to see the differences. I wish I knew how to do a spoiler here in blogger! Maybe I do! Let's see if this works! It should be at the bottom!

Hmmm, I guess I'll have to wait until it is actually posted! If not, I'll put it up in regular text.

I like to think that the back story is that Tom ends up facing the fact that his best friend Nate is his soul mate, and that he isn't gay though, so somehow perhaps a wacky neighbor has a potion that will make him a girl for 30 days, and in that time they'll have to fall in love with each other. Somehow their ended up with the ups and downs of starting a relationship, but Shauna was getting antsy as time was winding down on the spell, and she ran out of the restaurant, maybe after she told Nate who she really was and he got upset. Nate ended up looking all over the place to find her in time to tell her how he really felt.


  1. my back story was Shauna wanted to become a woman but would never look convincing by the normal route so a one of spell is cast but he had to find love in 30 days or lose his chance forever, not sure where the hate bit comes in. maybe he does not fancy men but its a price to pay for his dream.

  2. I was thinking more along the lines of a bet or challenge. He would become Shauna for 30 days and if she was successful then she would get some sort of payout. This explains why she is happy that she will never have to wear a dress again.

    Perhaps along the way she actually fell for him, hence the hate/love feelings at the end

  3. Both pretty good back stories! Ian and Erin! I'm glad to know that the way I wrote it could be taken in other directions without hurting what I wrote.

    Should I assume that everyone is able to view the spoiler by clicking on the "show content" button?
    What did everyone think of my back story, and did it seem plausible?

    1. yes the hide button worked fine. and your own back story is plausible in the tg caption universe.