Sunday, October 4, 2015

S'cuse Me Miss? Hoping You Can Help Me.

Never stop searching for what you want. Create your own destiny!

Made this as a blog exclusive. Seems to be happening more and more as I'll come up with an idea for a caption from a picture I find, and I can't thing of anyone that will be that receptive to want it in a trade. Preferences are becoming way too narrow and defined by not only what they don't want, but exactly what they DO want to see. I looked at a few people on the Haven and said, "screw it, I'll write it the way I want." so if it fails, at least I know I wrote it how I thought it should go.

Hoping it wasn't too telegraphed, but I've been around long enough for most to have an idea what I am trying to do in whatever caption I make. I am hoping that people see this as a melancholy situation that will hopefully turn out a happy ending someday soon. I probably gave everything away at the end, but I didn't want to be too obtuse for my own good. In real life, things don't happen overnight. It takes some time to get through the obstacles that society throws in our way.

After a nasty weekend for much of the East Coast, I'm wishing that this blog post is reaching everyone safe and sound, and not under many feet of water. We have had a number of floods here in New England over the last few years, so I can understand the amount and totality of damage that water can do. It is yet another indicator that we do not own or control the Earth. We need to respect her and treat her right, as we seem to be hitting more extreme patterns of weather.

October is going to be a busy month for me, and that isn't even including all the wonderful Halloween and Samhain festivities. I will try to keep up, but if a few days go by without a post, know that I'm doing all I can to carve some free time for myself and still have time to make some fun TG captions. I'll also try to drop in on many of my caption making friends. I love autumn, even when we don't have our heat hooked up yet! I will have to get out my warmest tights!


  1. Ultimately, honey, write for you. Be happy with your work, and that is most important. If you can make a gift, fine. But be true to you.

  2. I liked it could see it coming but it still had an impact when it got there!!!!
    They don't all have to have a double secret twist wrapped around a triple cross winding up somewhere you didn't expect!!!
    I wonder why he transformed but that lets me use my imagination and that's a good thing because,,,well because I'm pretty depraved and you know!!!!!


  3. A great but tragic cap, especially if you take Dickey Lee's "Laurie" into account as a possibility for the change.

  4. i think its a great caption, ever the softee i think there well be a happy ending, although the Laurie song really sends it of in another direction.

  5. Here's something interesting. Both Helena and Ian mentioned the song I posted at the end and how that could make the caption tragic or sends it into a different direction. I tend to pick the videos last, and have it somehow sum up something that had been discussed on the blog post. I only posted it because of the jacket/sweater similarity and that it is a cool death song from the 60's. Looking at it now, it does lend itself well to a different interpretation.

    However, my original intent, and one that I don't often give out for each caption, was that Jake was transitioning and didn't want to see anyone until she was completely done. It was probably a bit of an ego boost in that his ex girlfriend, even while he was still wearing his old jacket, didn't recognize him as a girl .. AND that she was still looking for him. I am sure that Jada (or whatever name she comes up with) will soon be calling for a reunion at some point in the future. Whether as lovers or best friends, they will still have a connection.

    1. think we are just trying to make things complicated.
      you know if you read the caption backwards its an incantation to summon Ringo Starr .