Monday, October 5, 2015

The Transformation Chamber .. of Doom!

Well, I added the word "DOOOOM" since Destiny seems more like a Jedi type of thing. Click on the picture to come inside .. if you dare!! Well, that and you'll read what I wrote and embiggen the caption too! What more could you puny humans want?

Back for a quickie post. This was made for Jennifer back in 2009. She made a quick reappearance on her blog, which you can find in the the left hand column, where she explains where she's been. She's had a rough couple years, but why not drop by and say hi to her and let her know that you've still be thinking about her? As I posted back a week or two ago, she was and probably still is, really good at doing Role Play, so I'm hoping that she'll pick that up again, or maybe turn her skills into writing some TG fiction. I think that she would be great at it.

Anyway, the picture source was really cool, and I thought I could make a nice straightforward caption, using the photo to drive it forward. I probably could've written a bunch of "All work and no play makes Jeremy a dull guy that turns into a lusty Jennifer." over and over again and it would still be great. Giving it some focus does make it better though, so I did what I could!

We had some drama here in the apartment building this afternoon so I didn't get a chance to make anything, but we did get some new locks for the front door! Yay, I guess?!? From what I understand the owner of our building is going to finally get a real estate office to review potential renters. The person they just evicted, among other things, tried to crank the water heaters up to maximum temp so they'd all crack. Also broke into a few of the storage areas in the basement (not ours luckily!) so I guess it does pay to be a good neighbor.

I'm still around though. We'll have fun, fun, fun 'til our momma takes our penis away! Then we'll have more fun, fun, fun until she tries to give it back to us!

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  1. A blast from the past. Jeremy sounds like me in a cake shop Must resit cream cake......Must have cream cake.