Friday, October 2, 2015

Good to the Last Drop! DIY Challenge Results!

She likes her coffee like she likes her men .. 16 ounces at a time!

Well, it was a smaller group this time out when it came to responses for our DIY Challenge, with only 3 entrants. I know the picture limited participation as did the requirement that you use the phrase, "Good to the Last Drop!" somewhere in it. Maybe October's will be more accessible?

So, because of that, I figured I would make one as well, and as such, I didn't read anyone's until I am posting this. Hopefully I didn't copy anyone, though I know that I wasn't the only one to punish someone, since I put Ian's story into a caption setting. Here's the submissions:

First one to send something in was Dawn (Commentator) and it has that classic and timeless plot, and I really like the font she used as well. Most playful than some of the other fonts she uses.

Then Brittany also posted one to my trading folder on the Haven. She used a coven as well, though this is a super-sexy lesbian coven. I don't tend to ever call the four corners with that sort of coven. I must get lost in the back woods more often I think!

Both captioner expanded the caption setting palette, and I can certainly see why with Ian's. I'm hoping people can read it in the font I selected, which took me about 10 minutes to find one that would be legible when ensmallened. The wild part is that I took "the short version" and cut out where Ian said I could stop. To make it even more visible, I changed the blended background at the bottom so the white wouldn't bleed in so much. Love the idea, but we really do have to work on brevity some more Ian! I know you can do it!

All worthy stories that made the requirements seem easy. So, for feedback, how did we all do? Should we have a picture AND a phrasing to include in the DIY Challenge for October? Did it make it harder, or easier to come up with something with those guidelines?


  1. Well i found it harder but i don't mind that, i think it would be good to have a phrase to put in again, but guess it depends on your reasons for the D I Y. IF to encourage new writers then maybe an easier option would be better,
    But it is the D I Y "challenge" devised by the fiendish Dee so we should expect a bit of torment.
    Sorry for the length ( don't say that to many ladies) i did think its because i feel i have to but a scene setter, transformation and pay off in but reading your own caption and Dawn's and Brittany's they have the same format.
    I do tend to put in dialogue or may be i just enjoy piling on the victims agony. or that i always leave it to the last day and get desperate.

    1. I can understand. When I make caption settings, my theory is that the picture is half the story, so I tend to make the photo 50 percent of the setting. unless I am putting the words ON the source picture. If you were making the caption yourself, I would guess that you would make the picture smaller and use the extra spacing for extra text.

  2. Unfortunately this picture didn't really speak to me. I did come up with a short one, but that was way after the deadline. And writing the phrase in it didn’t feel right.
    So if I came up with it sooner, and I didn’t have to write the phrase in it this would have been mine:
    *Why did I have to offend that old guy by telling him I don't make coffee for people in a bathrobe. Next thing I know I'm not a barista anymore but some bimbo waitress. I hate the way I look, and my heels are killing me.*

    Indeed all great caps.
    Ian, in this case I think your story gained without the part after where you said Dee could stop. It was a fun ending, but it would have been too much of a good thing. The fact that you made a remark about that shows that you at least had doubts whether or not to use it. for the rest of the story, I think you gave the story room to breathe. Any less and the story probably would have felt forced. So, well done.

    1. Thanks Helena. your right the other ending was just to much.