Monday, October 26, 2015

Release the Hound of Hel .. all we've got is a Shih Tzu? Gah!

I really could use a new assistant. They all end up too bimboish.

How big was that cemetary anyway? 2 miles long? People must be DYING to get in! I didn't mean to be so grave, and perhaps a bit crypt-ic, but don't you just love this plot?

As if you couldn't tell, Halloween is my favorite time of the year, and when it falls on a Saturday, its even better, since parties start the Friday before. I plan on walking through my old neighborhood this year, and stop by houses I used to visit for candy to say hi. This will be the first year my dad hasn't given out candy since I can remember. His GF moved to a gated community, and it is a Saturday night, so he is going to stay at her house. I am wondering if I should give out candy there anyway so he doesn't possibly get egged. That could always be a concern. When I was younger, that never happened because I had a great pitching arm and was deadly accurate throwing chicken embryos.

This week I will continue to post captions, and perhaps if I can find good enough source photos, whip up a Halloween tale or two, but don't quote me. I am not going to force it just to have something for you to see. I know there is this caption, and one I made for Tomlin a few weeks ago that is a tad bit meta. An enterprising Magician will make an appearance too!

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  1. Lovely cap.
    Maybe the cemetary is build on an ancient Indian burial grounds. I've heard weird things can happen if that's the case. Especially when animals are involved.