Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Such a Marvel .. Girl to Look at for Halloween!

It can certainly pay to comment here on my blog. Congratulations to Helena!

Made this one today as I was looking for some source photos got Helena, who happened to be the right number commenter on this blog, number 4158 I believe. Had Halloween in mind as it was, so when I saw this, I imagined her showing up at my door for the costume party. From there, it just sort of took off, and as I love Halloween, I just HAD to be in control of the whole situation, you know?

If people want to know what sort of superhero or villianess I'd love to dress up or be like, I think I could list the following: a Batman villianess, like Harley or probably Talia al Ghul, though she doesn't have a signature look. Rogue or She-Hulk would be my go-to Marvel women. Vampirella or Death from the Sandman comics would be the independent comic representation. Perhaps the sexy Alice in Wonderland or Jessica Rabbit might be fun too!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: So if you could be a female superhero or evil doer for Halloween, and have the body to pull it off, perhaps with a special spell or potion for one night only, which one would YOU like to be, and why? Let your imagination soar! What if their superpowers and/or attributes came with it, would you want it even more? Spill your guys out below!

Well, was going to go with "Last Dance with Mary Jane" but that isn't about Spiderman, so I had to go back to the source material! Then again, there are two sides to me, Miss Dee Mentia, so of course, I have to give you the spooky side too!


  1. I would be Enchantress from the Thor comics. Although I had been a lurker in this community for many years, the thing that got me to make an email address and actively participate was a TG superhero RPG and Enchantress was the character I chose. The game only lasted a month or two before it fizzled out.

    She's got magical powers and can change her appearance, and her kiss can enslave others to do her bidding!

  2. As I mentioned at the Haven, Jean Greay and Mary Jane are among my favourites, but given the choice, from the more mainstream it would be Harleen Quinzel.
    However there is a character I would love to be if I had the body for it is a real kick ass woman. In Dutch she goes by the name Roodhaar, in other languages as Redhair, Carrots, Ember or Rothaar. A creation from the English Don Lawrence for the comic Storm. The comic is mainly availeble in Dutch, and when I looked on Wikipedia at the list of publishers, they were mostly European, and none from your side of the Atlantic.