Sunday, October 25, 2015

You NEED to Secure the Office Tighter Than Your Skirt!

.. or the boss will get it in the end!

Made this for Sarine Davis (aka Belladonna) and I love most of her stories, especially the ones that are set in an office environment. As per what I posted to her trading folder:
It goes without saying that your stories on Fictionmania are awesome and you've been coming up with some new twists. I figured that I would throw my own into the mix and hopefully you hadn't done this yet!
The photo pretty much drew this story out of me, and it was enjoyable to write. I probably could've written a few more paragraphs, and did have to shrink it down a bit font wise, but this was probably the length that it needed to be. I think I implied what needed to be said with an economy of words.

Sorry for the economy of words here, but I've been watching football all day, and just finished watching the Undertaker and BROCK Lesner beat the living hell out of each other. I'm spent.

Hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to make the new week your bitch!


  1. Can't trust those IT guys...they know your every keystroke!

    1. I am the IT guy at our work, mostly because I am the only one that knows anything about computers .. hence I am involved in all meetings in regards to internet, computers, network, etc ..

      Everyone has an email account that is listed through gmail, so I can't get into that, but when I do cleanup their computers, upgrade systems, I can see certain things if they don't empty their recycle bins and browsing history!

  2. Lovely cap. It reminds me why you have to be careful what you do at work.

    1. Indeed. Most places have at least some semblance of things to look for in patterns of Internet use, and security will continue to be a big thing in the future, as no doubt we've seen in this upcoming election year.