Thursday, October 15, 2015

Panties! Which Stage of Grief Is That?

I think we found the missing step. Just repeat as often as needed until condition lessens.

Made this caption for Kate Southerland. She posts comments to other's caption work and I am all for people chiming in on when they like something, and her replies are usually insightful and much better than the standard, "I really liked it!" so the creator can actually gleam useful information.

As per what I said in the original posting:
Well, I saw this picture and started writing something for you. Then I sort of got stumped a tad, so I tried to view the picture again with fresh eyes, and saw the actual point of view of Klaire's friend from their perspective. I then knew I has something different. 
We can't bitch too much. It was all just a strange twist of fate. Hope you enjoy, as I know you like captions that deal with the coping of change.
Yeah, the way the picture's POV was shot, the angle gave me the idea for how to finish the caption. It had probably happened a few times, but it is still often a rarity to have that quality of the source photo influence the plot line to completion .. the ending sort of comes out of left field, though it is foreshadowed that they went through their transformations together .. you just don't know WHAT sort of change they each went through.

It can also highlight how people's coping mechanisms vary from individual to individual, and probably species to species. Perhaps the new body chemistry is affecting Klaire's friend in a different way .. dogs are notorious for wearing their emotions on their faces and tails, and they don't usually seem to be sad for any length of time. It also shows how we often overlook other people's traumas because we are too self-centered to see anything but our own suffering. I think I'd take being a girl over being a canine 100 times out of 100.

And I mentioned that Kate usually offers up heartfelt comments .. well here is how she replied:
To pull those cute underpants up would be...surrender.  Yet, it's inevitable, isn't it?  You work through stage at a time...little by little...until, at last, you give in. 
At least I've got a companion.  
Dee, Darling, I absolutely LOVE this conversation.  Though a completely fantastical situation, the dialogue has a "naturalness." 
The writing here is wonderful.  It would have been so easy to go off the rails with a "talking pet" who used to be human...and me...who used to be a man.  Yet this cap maintains it's premise with ease and fluidity. Thank you.
Reading that .. doesn't it give you the gumption to make her a bunch of captions? I would think so. And ironically, I didn't really think that it was that much of a fantastical situation .. I mean, our TG universes have guys turning into females for literally ANY reason you can think about. That is why I try to plot mundane slices of life within them to see how they would look to that world view. "So you were turned into a girl. So what? I was turned into a female dog. Get over it!" First TG World problems I'm sure! May all your bacon be delicious and your pumpkin spice be in just the right amount so as not to inconvenience you!

So, we end up with TWO transformations for the price of one! I'd call that a bargain!

Damn hot video, and damn hot jam like Prince in his prime. Gotta "Trading Places" sometimes!

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  1. What is superb about this cap, is that the girlfriend who became a dog is apparently adjusting better to her new role as a talking animal than the boyfriend is in adjusting being female.
    That makes me wonder, did you want to point out that women adjust better to new situations than men, or for this cap, that the level of adjustment depends on what they have become.
    Then again, maybe the girl was a bitch before, and now she still is.
    I'm probably overthinking this cap. ;)

    I agree with you, that becoming a girl is way better than becoming a dog, even a talking one.