Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Just Another Fluff Piece? After a Fashion Perhaps!

I can't imagine Hemmingway doing this, but wouldn't it have been sweet if he did?

Made this for Dawn (Commentator) the other day when I saw the picture. As per my posting:
It's not the first time I've sent you on an investigative report, but this time it was much more enjoyable. 
Honestly, I saw the picture and said, "hmm, I think I'll write a caption about how men are mystified by what women do at the hair dresser / beauty salon. Perhaps as a columnist for some older men's magazine." Then about a minute later, I said, "hmmm, if only I knew someone that was a bit more mature and was a writer, I bet they'd love to receive a caption like this. Too bad I don't .. oh wait! I know someone like that!" I was definitely having a blond moment. 
Anyway, I do hope you enjoy this, since I'm not quite sure how much awareness Dawn has as to what has been done. I left it fairly vague. At the very least, Dawn did get her hair styled fashionably!
I do think that the AARP magazine needs to get on this trend. I think I'd prefer to go the Helen Mirren look myself, but there are still lots of attractive options left.

Really haven't had the time to write something up other than the post from Sunday, so why not check that out when you are done with this caption here? It has a nice discussion question and everything! Some people probably missed it and the one before it during what seemed to be a great weekend weather wise around here at least. Hope to be back tomorrow with another post.

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  1. Fun cap, who wouldn't want to be pampered like that. ;)

    At times your choises in music get me on a little quest, as did this one. I knew there was a German cover of this song, I had to look up, it was performed by the Hunters, a nom de plume of the Scorpions.