Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Ambiguity of Recipes and Potions!

Were we supposed to chiffonade the bat wings, or mince them?

Made this one for Amanda McCree, and it was the picture that triggered the idea, which was rattling around my head. I've been hunting down vegetarian recipes online, and they always seem to leave something out. It's like "here are the ingredients, put them into a pot, and VIOLA! World class food!" but it never quite turns out that way for me. Either they are asking for weird ass ingredients I don't have (I mean, Amaranth? Didn't they just open up for Coelacanth at Club Hell?) or they are leaving out things like "should I sauté the mixture or stir fry?" or "do I put the patties into the fridge to firm up before putting into a hot pan?"

So anyway, I saw the picture and thought that she was absolutely in the middle of a transformation, and what splendid things you can do in a caption that is a moment in time! You almost HAVE to go in a bimbo route here, and I gave in to that urge, especially since I don't see too many people that have preferences of going from a dumb guy to really smart girl. If there are some people out there like that, let me know! I'd like to make you some captions at some point!

These are fun to make, and it is the small touches in dialog that let me bring out some quirks you wouldn't see otherwise. Not doing dishes is definitely a guy roommate thing, and it teases a bit of the ending with a slight foreshadow. Nothing too fancy here and pretty straightforward.

Hope everyone is having a good week. I am calming down after a huge work week last week, and might have some travel plans over the weekend. Have to clean out the GF's mom's house when we can, as she is almost cleared to be moved to a Dementia Unit. Not one run by me of course, but the actual mental health kind. Going to be a blessing in disguise for us. She can only take so much stuff with her, and we are probably going to have a few of GF's friends cosign most of the furniture for sale there, and possibly run a yard sale too. We are going to snag pictures and a few mementos that the GF wants, but lots of stuff will be pitched into a dumpster. This has started us on a cleaning binge here too, as we wonder what exactly we really need to exist happily.

Can't have a song about magical potions without using this song! Totally Practical Magic, Yo!

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  1. I think there is a market for instant potions just add water and microwave for two minutes. mind you I would probably leave the spoon in it