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Beauty Is Skin Deep .. Have a Nice Warm Facial!

Plus a RP / Story from the past, co-written by Dee Mentia herself!

Made this caption back in 2010. I am not sure if it was posted or not. Didn't find it when I did a caption search on here, so I am hoping/guessing it hasn't been put up here before. Not sure there is too much to explain on this one, as it is quite straightforward, and perhaps a bit crusty too!

So anyway, Courtney from Courtney's Clean Caps has released another eBook on Amazon which you can find a link HERE. It is called TG Mall - Book I - New Look and it is pretty good. If I wasn't so ADHD, I'd probably have waited to see if they write 3-4 more stories and then try to buy the omnibus version! I still think the best one they've done (meaning released by Courtney and co-authors) was "The Making of a Full House" though "Bet I can Feminize My Brother" was the most fun to read! TG Mall though was a good read, and over MUCH too quickly!

Malls are one of my favorite ideas for any sort of transformation, and there have been many captions, stories, games, etc .. which uses a mall as a change protagonist. My favorite universe, Spells R Us, takes place in just about ANY mall!

Back in April of 2009, Jennifer of Jennfer's TG Caps of Defiance did a role play together that took place in a mall, so I thought that perhaps I'd post it in 2-3 parts. I thought that some people might be interested in reading it. I went through and corrected most of the spelling and punctuation. Since I also wanted to make it much easier to read than a Instant Messenger Transcript, I took out all of the screen names. I also tried to rewrite the "action" parts to make it more narrative driven.

As back story, the plot was that the mall security and owners were sick of slacker guys hanging around the mall and scaring away customers, especially young girls. The gift cards they received were magical somehow, making them turn into perfect consumers that would actually buy things that the mall sold that weren't comic books and such. Sometimes you have to spend money to make money (interestingly enough, this totally ties into the last caption I posted!)

Anything with "D:" or "C:" was written by me and is voiced by either Damien or Clerk. Jeremy's speech is left alone without a prompt and was written by Jennifer. Any actions or non-dialog was written by either me or Jennifer, depending upon the reaction. It was just easier to change all the "You feel horny twisting your .." into "Jeremy felt horny twisting his .." for the narrative.

Hope you enjoy! Perhaps if anyone has questions or comments, I'll reply here and in the next post. I think I'll have part 2 up within the week, depending on how long it takes to edit. Jennifer drove the action in that one, and it is pretty damn good. She was a great role player!


D: Dude! Can you believe that shit? We each got like 500 bucks in gift cards!

I know, i thought this only happened to people on game shows or something. Didn't even know they made these.

D: Seemed like a dork, but who's gonna turn down that AND the chance for more! I guess they are like debit cards but with limits and stuff. I mean, unfortunately we can’t spend it all at the comic book store or music zone.

Yeah, but this is a pretty big mall, I'm sure there’s a few places around here with some neat stuff.

D: Not that into shopping but hey, it's not our money! It’s almost like play money!

I never had this much money to even shop with! Usually head to the comic shop and blow any money I have. so where should we head to first?

D: let's follow those girls a bit, see where they go. We've got all day right?

Right, and they ain't bad too look at neither! Good call. *bumps shoulder against Damien*

D: Dude, don’t crowd me! 2 hotties for you, 2 for me!

I'm just saying, good job man. Although, I think they’re headed to that shoe store.

D: Shit, they split up, lets follow the 2 that went that way! To Claire’s! Jeremy, you should like go in there and scope out the place, pretend you are buying some earrings or something.

Earrings? Come on dude, Ain't that going too look even weirder?

D: Ya know, like people with money do ... like you! Ummmm, lots of guys have earrings. Christ! Look at Johnny Deep in Pirates, and how bad ass did HE look? Didn't say you HAD to get some right?

Yeah, but not me. *points at his ears* What am i supposed to do? Get my ears pierced?

D: Well, they might have clip ons, and I didn’t say you had to get some ... If you do, just get like a stud or something in one ear ... besides, you can find out what THEY are into .. just be all stealthy! I'll be right here and we'll hit a store that is your choice next.

*pushes Jeremy into Claire’s*

Ok, fine! I'll head in. but your going next time!

Jeremy points his finger at Damien as he heads off towards the store. He lingers around the front for a bit, peeking in at the girls. finally walking up to the counter with the some earrings.

Clerk: Can I, um, help you umm, sir?

Jeremy stops as his head is hanging down, looking at the earrings.

Ughh, umm. Yeah, I was just browsing for umm, some earrings. He cringes at how nervous he sounds.

C: Oh darling ... Not a problem! I was just asking since we've had issues with guys harassing our clients here. I can direct you to our specials ... right back here ... come this way.

Jeremy looks over at the girls and back to Damien outside of the store, then sighs and walk to the back with the clerk.

Sure, that sounds good.

C: Well, we have a special method of piercing ears. Minimal pain and you can wear ANY kind of earring in it, not just studs! I mean, you wouldn't want to cry in front of my customers, would you?

Piercings? Ugh, yeah, umm. sounds good. I never really thought about getting any myself. I mean, I don't think I would really look that great with ... with earrings.

C: And there is a deal this week. Get a pair of earrings, and you get your ears pierced FREE ... AND you can get a pair of sunglasses or 10 dollar credit ... perhaps something for the girl in your life?

C: Oh, lots of guys have earrings sweetie. You've got long enough hair that it'd look good AND i think it'd really bring out your eyes. I bet your girlfriend would love to see you with an earring. MY boyfriend has a few holes!

Really? Girls dig this sort of thing?

C: how about I find something that'd go well with your eyes ... and give you that store credit and you can come back and get something for your sweetheart?

Umm, sure that sounds great. I mean, how long does this really take?

C: It'll be over in no time sweetie, 5 minutes tops.

Jennifer .: cool, so. what ugh, what do you think would fit.. my eyes?
C: Oh sweetie, you've got puddles for eyes and I think I have what you need in the back ... here are a few documents to sign to make sure you wont hold us liable if we hurt you .. and trust me, i've done this HUNDREDS of times and never hurt anyone.

Oh sure. *smiles* sounds great.

Jeremy picks up the pen and starts to sign the paper, easily falling for the salesgirl’s flattery.

C: I'll need your payment too ... I've got them right here. Is that the new black card from the mall? oh my, a big spender!

Yeah, it is. i just got it a few minutes ago. *hands over the card* How much are the earrings?

C: You will get an ear cleaning kit too with purchase. Don't you feel special, ummm Jeremy? It's 25 dollars for everything AND you'll get a 100 dollar store credit you can use at the end of the week for special items!

C: Now just lean back sweetie and relax, take small breaths.

The salesgirl rubs cotton swab along each of Jeremy’s earlobes. He sits down in the chair and starts to have a few doubts about this. but doesn't act on it.

S: I pierced a 6 year old girl today, who was very brave, so I'm expecting you to be strong too!

Yeah, sure. no problem.

She loads up the earring gun after putting on latex gloves, pulls trigger and releases, embedding the post through his earlobe, which stings like a bee sting but goes away slowly.

The clerk quickly moves to the other side and shoots the other earlobe before Jeremy can even realize she’s there.

C:We sell 2 earrings here, figured you'd get your money's worth!

Jeremy seethes as he feels the sting rip through his earlobe, wanting to grab it, but fighting the urge.

C: DON’T TOUCH THEM! You do not want them infected as they'll blow up and you dont want that!

C: I will get you a mirror so you can see them .. they are starter earrings so you can't remove them for 3-5 weeks.

Blow up? Wish I knew that before I signed.  3-5 weeks?

Jeremy waves his hands around his ears like flapping wind will help in some way.

C: That's the endorphins sweetie! Like jumping off a bridge with a bungee cord. Almost like a high.

C: You can play with the dangly though, and twist them a few times each day with clean hands.

Twist them? Dangly? I thought that would be a like, a stud or something?

C: Those totally bring out your eyes, don't they?

Jeremy is looking in the mirror and can't help but agree, still feels silly for wearing such girly earrings.

You umm, are sure these are the best for me? I mean; don't you have any more ... manly earrings to... match my eyes?

As Jeremy looks at them, a calmness comes over him, and his cock slowly stirs, as it's almost sexual how he feels looking at them. He realizes they are girly but still likes them.

C: We could get you some, but you'd still have to wait 3 to 5 weeks before you can remove those, and I think they look great! They are perfectly balanced in your ears.

Oh, well, ughh.

Jeremy tilts his head from side to side, brushing the hair off of my ears and letting the earrings swing. I guess these will do.

He slightly smiles, adjusting himself in the chair, trying to hide any swelling in his pants.
The salesgirl glances down and sees a tenting and smiles knowingly.

C: I'm sure you'll grow to love them, darling. Admit it. You like the rush from the endorphins and they look nice, Don’t they?

Jeremy feels them rub against his neck as he notices the girls he was following have already left the store, giggling.

He peeks around the mirror and then looks back, shaking his head and loving the feeling and weight the earrings give him."

C: I'm glad I could help you ... but Ihave other customers to deal with. M name is Sarah. Come back soon and buy some more earrings with your credit, or use your black card.

Shit! They are leaving! Hey, thanks for all your help.  I gotta go.

Jeremy heads out of the store as fast as he can, looking for the girls to see which way they went.

D: Smooth move Jeremy! They left the store like 3 minutes ago. I've been watching, and they went into that smelly place with the Asian chicks that do foot and nail things.

D: what the hell is with those earrings? My god, you went through with it! Ha Ha Ha!

Jeremy is embarrassed, but also excited about the earrings dangling against his neck.

Fuck you! I did what I had to do. Wasn't my fault that they left while I wasn't looking. You get your ears done and see how you react.

Damien can see it in Jeremy’s movements that he is enjoying feeling the dangling earrings, brushing the hair out again and again so he can get a better feel.

D: And dude? The chick in the store must've been hot, cuz you are popping a boner!

Jeremy turns nine different shades of red as he tries to hide his erection, following along slowly as he continually twists his new earrings.

You know what? It's your turn to follow them!

D: C’mon with me, they are down at Kim's nail salon.

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