Thursday, September 24, 2015

Starfucks ... for When You REALLY Need to Shake that Ass!

OK, so I watched Revenge of the Nerds recently!

Made this one as a quickie when I saw the picture. I think I overwrote it, and honestly, didn't feel like it was worth the effort to fix whatever was wrong with it, as it wasn't made for anyone in particular.

I thought I'd have more time recently to sit down and crank out some captions, but it just hasn't happened the way I expected it to, and at least the weather has been nice! That is something I cannot complain about, when you have literally the last week in September, and the first days of Fall / Autumn and the temperature is still around 80 degrees outside.

So enjoy your alcohol fueled coffee, or drink it iced like everyone in New England does when they head to Dunkin Donuts for their caffeinated liquid wakeup call. Enjoy it however you like it, just remember to tip your barista! You never know which one of the hotties is actually a guy doing what he can to earn some dough!

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