Saturday, August 15, 2015

Uber .. the Uber Version of the App! And the next DIY Challenge!

Hitchin' a ride is something else entirely now!

Made this one for Lurker, who used to be an alien life form (but not Alf!) and now is more settled into be a bodyjumper or observer, that doesn't like to be permanently transformed or stuck in a feminine persona .. so I can have a tough time writing captions for him. As mentioned in the original posting to his trading folder:
Sometimes I have trouble wrapping my head around your preferences as I've mentioned in the past, but I saw this photo, and the taxi sign and vehicle made he think of an idea, and since I'd been reading a few Emma Finn stories lately, it sort of melded together into something I thought would be in your comfort zone. 
For those who don't know, Uber is a cell phone application that hooks up people with rides, like a taxi, but it is public people doing the driving using their own cars. This sparked the connection between everything and hopefully made that connection work.
 Uber is making a huge push now in the New England area. Like anything else, you hear both good and bad things about the service and the company behind it. I know taxi services are pissed about it, so it's got that going for it!

I did something a bit different here, as I found out that the source picture was only about 500x500 pixels, and that was certainly not enough space to write out the entire story I had in mind. Usually I like the picture to be half the caption or not do a caption at all, but this time I did wrap the text around the photo as I thought the story was unique enough that I needed to have it told. What do you think about this version of a caption setting?


Ok, the August 2015 DIY Challenge is here!

The deadline is Monday, August 31 at Midnight PST. If you wish to supply your own caption setting, there will be a picture only posting to the "LATEST DIY" tab below the top banner. Good luck!


  1. I think the "wrap-around" idea worked out well.

  2. it is hard writing a caption not to your usual M O but you pulled it of i think. and the lay out looks fine to me.
    i often have to wrap text as i run out of space. (What a surprise i hear you say)
    I like the D I Y photo not sure what to do with it yet though well weight and see.

  3. Great cap. Watching people can be fun, though I have to admit that the thought of someone tagging along in my mind without me knowing is disturbing. Then again, knowing someone would do that would probably be more disturbing,
    In this case, wrapping the text probably works best. Now the text works like a chair for the girl who's sitting down. Dare I say it, on a bench no less. :)

    The picture of this DIY is one of those that look easy to cap, but sometimes those can be the hardest.

    Ramones, ah Dee, you make my day with this.