Thursday, August 13, 2015

Master's Baby Factory!

Whatcha gonna do, when the hormones run wild all over you, Brotha!

Made this for Maisiobreed, who I had never made a caption before. Still haven't received a response yet even though she's been on since I posted it on the 4th of August. Perhaps she doesn't think people will make her captions very often? Anyway, I figured that since I was doing the New Year's Resolution, I might as well make her a caption while I was there.

As I wrote in the original posting to her trade folder:
I've been on a bit of a control freak issue, so hopefully you don't mind this scenario. It was what I thought about when I read your preferences. Nothing like breaking down a former alpha type male into a nervous, emotionally conflicted pregnant housewife. Damn, that just gave me wave of euphoria! WOOO! 
Hope you enjoy, and just in case people wanted to learn something. The plural of uterus can be either uteruses or uteri. Had to look that up, so it is correct!
So yeah, it was a turn on to write this from the Damien standpoint. Most of my captions over the last week or two have been like this one, or a nice, happy caption, nothing in between. My life has felt pretty black and white over the last month or so, meaning it probably is having an impact on the captions I make. I can only go where my muse takes me, so things like this will happen.

Sorry for not having anything up for a few days, but I think most of you are on vacation anyway, so you might not have noticed the lack of posts since Monday. Life has gotten busy somewhat, so I have to pick and choose when I can take these extracurricular activities. Hopefully back to normal within a few weeks. I like to enjoy my free time!

Yes, Wonderful song by the guys who made, "Detachable Penis". You must listen to this song!


  1. Great cap.

    It always amazes me how the feelings of pregnant women can get out of control in every direction, I know the biology behind it, but still it's like their emotions blow up. And while I could tell a story or two about my sisters, nieces, friends or colleagues when they were with child and in a grumpy mood. I rather remember the times they were glowing with pride and love.

  2. Great cap, love the dynamic