Thursday, August 20, 2015

Not As Smart As You Thought!

When you worked on the formula, perhaps you forgot to carry a two or something? Midnight update!

Made this for Totalditz on the Haven, and it might take a second run through to get to the voice of the story.Not sure if the speaker is a friend, her dad, or some other supportive figure in his/her life. Also, when making a potion to be popular, you didn't figure that it would make you dumber as well. Popular in High School and popular as an actual adult are two different things, and many of the people who were popular when I was in school peaked very early, and their lives seem to be on a downhill course ever since.


Sorry this wasn't a pleasant posting for most of you. However, it does give you a view into Damien that you won't often see.


  1. Honestly Dee I wish you the best of luck while you are be your gf's side the world needs more nice people like you

  2. Its hard to comment on such a heart felt post. i do hope every things goes well.