Sunday, August 23, 2015

Blast From the Past ... The Puns Really Bug Me!

How did I NOT make a joke about RAID configurations? EEK!

I haven't had time to whip up a new posting but I wanted to have something up for people while reading their Sunday morning email and such .. that I went FAR back into the D'archives to dig this one out of the crypt ... apparently in April of 2008! Yeah, I was doing wordplay within 2 months of making my first caption, so it was an early inclination of what was in store for everyone!

As if there wasn't enough silliness there, I dropped a few more gags to gag you with the following:
Well, at least you won't have to unzip your 'fly' 
if you get have to find a new job, i'm sure you could put out some 'feelers' 
perhaps get a reference from your 'Antie Em'
As mentioned up above, if this were made today, I would have definitely had to add something to do with RAID configurations and any other things I missed the first time. Other than that, and the original font, I don't think this is that far away from something I would make as a trade today. The writing might be a bit tighter but I think its a solid, fun and silly caption with a surprisingly sexy model!

For anyone that hadn't read my last post, you'll need to read it soon. I plan on deleting most of the personal stuff on Monday. Regardless of how I truly feel, I do not wish to have much in the way of negativity on this blog, so I am going to take it down once the work week starts. Of course the caption will stay up with the small write up and song clip, but the rest will be deleted.

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  1. And if the cafe sucks he can go to the ugly bug ball. i know rubbish but it did have to think on something on the fly.