Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Boss Lady Is Looking For Business To Expand!

It pays to comment! Well, not actual cash, but you know what I meant.

A number of posts ago, I made mention that if someone wanted to be in a caption, to leave there male and female name in the response. After awhile, Helena finally claimed it so here it is!

I kept it somewhat generic because at the time I wasn't sure who was going to star in it, but it is unusual still due to the fact that for both protagonists, being feminine will end up being a good thing, and there is no embarrassment or shame in it. Perhaps more like a job opportunity opening up with some potential issues that could be worked out. Positivity and not letting things get to you lead to great career choices!

I'm sure it isn't for everyone, but I bet that for 10 members of the Haven, 3-5 work with computer technology, as a programmer, operator, web design, etc .. so I also figure that there are MANY people out there that would JUMP at an chance to work for an organization like this one!

Somebody named Joanna BETTER show up and say hi here! Can't do much more than send out a Pet Shop Boys Signal into the sky, err right sweetie?!?


  1. Some rewards are better than cash. I need cash to pay the bills, and true, it does make life a lot easier, but the things that give me pleasure make me feel alive.
    By the way, enjoying the training for this new job?

    I operate more heavy machinery than a computer, though more and more these machines are operated by computers. With the right soft and hardware my job gets easier, Then IT gets the blame, from a lot of my colleagues, because they don't see that IT is limited in what they are allowed to purchase by finance and our CEO. Oh wait, the latter never makes mistakes. So it must be finance who's to blame, even though they can't spent a dime without our CEO's approval.

  2. Opportunities! And yes, dammit, that sounds like a good set of them right there in the caption.


    Also, the original single version, which is not the one that ends up being released in the charts in the UK and I only have on one album. Tennant always said he hated the bit at the end that wound up sounding pretentious.

    Also, apologies about taking so long to pick up the signal, I'm losing my touch!

    Have you found Parralox yet? Their track "Hotter", apart from having an excellent video that might just set your caption juices flowing, seems to sample part of this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=peBuggcL2Ow