Monday, August 10, 2015

Secret Agent Blond, I Presume? .. Plus Bonus Exclusive Caption!

The title sounds even better if you say it out loud while stroking a cat in your lap!

Made this for RockNeo on the Haven a few weeks ago. This pretty much describes what I was thinking when I made it :
I was looking to make you a quickie, and I saw this picture. I am sure it was probably some sort of selfie, but since I was thinking of your preferences, it became obvious to me that you were talking to HQ through your compact makeup mirror. The rest just fell into place.
Once I had that conceit, it was just filling on the blanks. Who doesn't love some friendly yet annoying workplace banter between two friends / agents? Just a smidgen of embarrassment at the whole situation never hurt a caption, and I don't think it made this suffer either.

Other members got in on the fun too, like Maxine who pretty much said what I had in the opening, Dawn who mentioned, "Blond, dumb Blond" and Ron who said, "Sounds like he's gonna be shaken and stirred." I love it when others get what you are doing and pitch in with some wisecracks!

Since I have no idea when he is going to finally say something stupid enough to derail his campaign, I might as well post this bonus caption now.

Made this the other night, but didn't think it was worth getting it's own post, I believe it was the day after the first GOP debate. He's really counting on the pissed off paranoid redneck vote, and he's certainly playing them to a T. I still think this has to be some sort of ploy to sell some books, or travel around the country at the taxpayer's expense. I'm not sure why anyone would want to be president!

Ahh, I'll take any excuse I can to show Devo's version of "Secret Agent Man". Pure brilliance!

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  1. i should think the list is endless of those who would want to humble D Trump.
    Two great captions. "Miss Moneypenny can i borrow your lipstick ?"