Monday, August 24, 2015

The Keebler Elves Would NEVER Let This Happen!

.. and we thought that "Steak and a BJ Day" was on March 14th!

Made this one brand spanky new a few minutes ago, and yay for that! Hadn't been in the mood, or really had the time and the mood, to work on anything new. I found the picture last night and placed it into a caption setting, and named it "Burnt Cookies" and had the idea that it was an antidote to a body swap between a man and his wife. Figured I would get to it when I was able.

Well, I had a bit of a break tonight, so I tackled it again, and I am glad I waited as I don't think it would have come out nearly as good then. The basic idea was there, and I did want it to have a bit of a feel of a 60's sitcom, but it also had to have a certain current sensibility and playfulness I definitely would not have had last night. As I wrote as a postscript to Brittany's trading gallery on the Haven:
For those that don't understand, it is a body swap between a husband and wife as a sort of marital aid / marriage rejuvenation. By the end, I think they are just starting to take on the others old role, hence calling each other by the body name, though I am betting they'll retain the extra kinkiness and sexual skill needed to drive each other crazy.
I just chuckle when I read the line "Well, I needed a few batteries for my purple vibrator" coming out of the mouth of a hulking man explaining to his "wife" about why the alarms weren't working!

As a marriage exercise in other's perspectives, they can have fun and yet understand how the other person feels, mentally and physically. Making their partner feel the pleasure viscerally would only help them out when they were back in their old bodies, and it makes them both self-serving and yet brings them closer together. It is why they let themselves go into their spouses demeanor and head space so readily. I'm guessing whatever magic was in the potion might have helped too! I am happier though when the captions give us a happy ending, even when it doesn't QUITE seem so happy at the moment!

By the way, I'm not sure if Brittany (or his wife) accidentally on purpose raised the heat and burned the cookies so they'd be stuck like that. I mean, it COULD happen, right? Bwa ha ha ha ha!

This song so fits both the caption and TG in general. Gotta listen AND watch it too!
If I was able to look like any current pop star, it just MIGHT be Katy Perry.

Back in a day or two. Things should slow down by the weekend. Got much of the GF's mom thing taking care of for the time being, and the rest of the visiting relatives (my side of the family) will be heading back to their homes down south by the end of the month! WOOO!

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  1. (S)HE gets the steak but think he wants more sausage in return.