Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Which Part Was, "The Worst Part"?? .. and Celebrating My Birthday!

It sucked and was awesome at the same time!

Well, my actual birthday is sometime between Friday the 26 and July 3rd, so we shall talk about my day today. Started with my knee getting blown up again, and the doctor took out what he could, but it is still quite bloated and hard to bend .. which sucks because I was doing real well, walking with a cane as needed, but mostly for stairs and long distances. Now I might go back to crutches as the doctor ordered another MRI, and more lab work on my knee fluid, to check for bacteria, Lyme disease, gout, infections, etc ... and possible surgery as an end game if they can find something physical this time with the MRI.

But when I had arrived to work, there was 3 balloons on my desk, and a few cards wishing me a happy 666th birthday! How awesome was that? I ended up with an Amazon gift card and a Domino's Pizza gift card. At home I got a brand new knee brace (which was well needed) a few pairs of shorts, and an Archer (one of my favorite TV shows) branded water bottle. Dad sent me a 50 dollar check.

I have a few friends that haven't dropped by yet so I'll get a few more goodies I think. I bought some books from the Kindle store that were on sale, including one suggesting that LBJ was behind the JFK assassination, which I've believed to be true for a good many years, so it'll be nice to see if my version jives with what this former political advisor thinks. Of course I don't believe that the Warren Commission was right .. this is ME we are talking about, you know?!?

As of right now, I believe that 6 or 7 people have made me birthday captions on the Haven, which is awesome! So glad to know that I've inspired enough people that they'll think about me on a special event such as my arrival on Earth from one of the deeper circles of hell.

Sooo, do I have anything to post about the caption that I made for Maxine? Well, I had found the picture, figured I would use it for Maxine, and named it "Walk of Shame". then left it aside for a few days to ruminate on it. Then she made me a new caption, and I figured, now is as good a time as any to whip it up for her, since I hate being in caption debt if I can help it .. other than Dawn / Commentator .. who runs a TG Caption Factory somewhere in Bangladesh I think.

I wrote the first paragraph in one go, then I wrote the second part and I knew I had my hook. Who says there has to be only ONE worst part, especially since she is dealing with the changes step by step? I overwrote the third paragraph, which made me cut out one of the "worst parts" but I wanted to establish the style of Matt's routine, which did help flesh out what had actually happened to him. I just wish I had a bit more space, and didn't want to shrink down the text anymore .. I think it has the right balance of words/paragraphs to the caption's size, and it is perfectly readable.

The "best part" of this caption's reception is that Maxine asked if it was wrong that she wished this scenario could come true! Well, when you belong to the Haven, who's to say which fantasies are more valid than others? I'd love to be able to control people's minds, bodies, and able to view the very fabric of time and space. Is my dreams any weirder than hers? I think not! Besides, if mine comes true, YOU ALL better get ready for some wild times! Now to just blow out those candles!


  1. I don not use cheap foreign labor. All my captions are produced in the US of A by my well paid minions. And it is not true that they refer to me as Despicable She!

  2. Brilliant cap!! And to think we may share the same birthday! :) (mine lies in that week as well)

  3. Happy Birthday. 666 candles i wondered why its been so hot today.