Sunday, June 28, 2015

Only Blockheads like Minecraft!

I'm the (wo)man in the box!

Made this one for The Curvy Shade who doesn't mind being a gamer girl / nerd, so I went it this figuring I could totally geek out. I saw this picture and thought of pixelation and then, specifically Minecraft. My daughter really likes the game, and other than I've read that the game itself is very therapeutic to to those diagnosed with autism, I didn't have a clue what it was really about.

Doing some quick research, its a "sandbox" game that has free-form game play. Make whatever you like, and it's your world. I knew about the blocks of course, so I just talked about how powerful the computer was and how it was an evolution to him from toys to now, with it's high tech equivalent, available on gaming systems, PCs, and cell phones and tablets.

Hopefully I have made something that makes at least a bit of sense to those who actually DO play Minecraft, since I had pretty much the blocks in the photo plus a few words that play well with blocks to wrap up a stinger with. The rest was mostly to set up the ending, showing that Samuel had the processing power to make changes, not only in the Minecraft world, but with Dee's bonus hacks, the ability to change real life as well.


Since my birthday is just about here, I'll repost what I posted 2 weeks ago right now:

As everyone knows, my birthday is coming up towards the end of June, and some people do make birthday captions for me on the Haven. I have an idea for those who would like to acknowledge my birthday but don't make captions, and it won't take too much time to do any/all of them, and you do receive something for your efforts.

One would be to help keep going strong. I've been an admin there for 7 years now I believe. Keeping a TG website running is an expensive proposition, considering the subject matter and the amount of web traffic we generate. Since the content is often sexual in nature, we have to use server providers that allow adult material, and that pool is dwindling every year (Just think about what would've happened if Google had kept the plan in place for blogger back in February!) which makes the monthly charges more expensive. None of us get paid, and everyone (staff, admins, etc ..) is a volunteer. We have had quite a few TG writers create e-books and donated them for fundraising purposes to keep the Haven going. You can find them by clicking HERE. They are also for sale on Amazon and a few other places like Google Play Books, and Barnes and Noble online, but if you get them through the link, the Haven makes more money as those other sites take a large cut of the sale for their own use. It's completely safe, but you can use Amazon if you want to be truly careful, just know that they will take almost 30-40 percent of the sale directly for themselves. So to recap, you'll be getting some great TG or TF fiction AND help out a site that has been a cornerstone of the TG community for almost 10 years! Each story is 2,99 or you can get like 8 stories for 16 dollars!

Another option would be to go to Katie Mill's website called Sugar and Spice and clink on the link for her TG fiction stories on Amazon. In the past year or so, she's had some pretty bad medical issues to deal with, and she is starting to get back on her feet, but her financial resources could use some help, as they were tapped as recently as 6 months ago. Her stories deal primarily with hosiery, and since I've purchased one so far, I can say they are well written and fun to read. She has a new one coming out soon that I'll probably purchase closer my birthday.

Buying something from either place in honor of my birthday would be much appreciated! And unlike money going to an ACTUAL or online dominatrix, any money you spend as tribute to me will go to places that could really use it. I mean, do those other dommes REALLY need ANOTHER pair of latex thigh high boots for you to lick? Yes, that question WAS rhetorical!

Lastly, this suggestion costs no money whatsoever and exposes you to things I've made in the past. Comments almost feel like a tribute, and as of right now, I have 12 posts that do not have a single reply to read in the comment section. If you could hit the "Zero Post" label, or just click HERE .. you can see the list of those poor orphaned blog posts! Just look at the caption, read the blurb, and say something meaningful! I'll try to reply to every comment given. Has someone already deflowered that caption's comment virginity? Well, make it a caption slut by leaving another! The goal is to eradicate every zero post by the time July arrives.

I mean, it is not EVERY year that a witchy TG captioner turns 666 .. well, actually I DO turn 666 every year, but that still shouldn't stop you for doing me a solid or two!

BTW, if you comment on one of those, it'll remain hidden until I publish it. I moderate all captions that are older than one week, so don't worry if you post and it doesn't show up right away. Next time I check in, I'll set it free to the wild!


As I mentioned in a previous post, I am going to try to have regular postings throughout the week, even though I probably won't be around much. I am going to try to write up a few tonight and on Monday, and schedule them accordingly. I should still be around to check in and reply to comments as well. Interaction with people is one of the great things about having a blog, so I will continue to monitor people's thoughts when applicable.  Also, the deadline for the DIY Challenge is coming on Tuesday night. I believe I have 2 submissions from the Haven, and one from the DIY BLOG link up above, so we have plenty of spots available for those who'd like to enter!


  1. Fun cap, though I never played Minecraft, and had to look it up fot the reverence.

    Happy birthday, It seems like you haven't aged a bit since last year;)

    1. Thanks! I thought it was more of a world wide phenomenon than it actually is I guess!

      Yeah, like Jack Benny, I don't age past 666! Bimbo Jessica always said that I don't look a day past 450!