Saturday, June 27, 2015

Devil's Bride? Not If Patrick Can Help It!

Not sure if this one was TOO weird, or not weird enough. Probably not weird enough!

I was reading "Thedoctor"s preferences and somehow ended up with this as a caption. As I wrote in the original post:
Well, what I wrote SEEMS like correct theology, right? Why would the devil want a woman that wasn't a virgin?!? 
I read your preferences and somehow THIS is what came out. Perhaps I need some medication, or an exorcism! 
Hope you enjoy!
If I read my mythology correctly, there is a chance that Zeus has definitely beaten Lucifer to the punch!
I was thinking about how I could turn "Rosemary's Baby" into as more Disneyfied setting, with a happy ending. That would be an interesting premise, right?

Well, Chanandler replied, "Won't he just find another bride then?"

At first, I thought I should go the whole, MST3k route, and to paraphase their theme song. "Just repeat to yourself it's just a TG Caption, you should really just relax." but I did think about that when creating it, so I just brought up some folklore that I assume Neil Gaiman stole for his comic book series, "Death: the High Cost of Living."
Some folklore says that Death comes to life for one day every 100 years so that (s)he can have more sympathy for those that pass on. Perhaps the devil only gets one hard-on every 1000 years and the virgin has to be ritualistically cleansed before he can take her. Maybe demons take a while for the viagra to kick in!
That makes as much sense as almost everything else in religion, right? Beings with unlimited power and no weaknesses are boring and win all the time. Its why people either love or hate people like Superman or John Cena, that seem to have no vulnerabilities and just shake off adversity like a broken fingernail. The other explanation could be that Satan likes his brides to be bimbo airheads, and so she did the best she could with what she was now given and is taking the whole situation in a different way, imparting the arrival of the baby as a significant world changing event .. which it IS .. for her at least. Perhaps that is reading a bit too much into this fun, silly TG caption, right?

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  1. There is no one that writes a caption like you that is so different. great stuff.
    Love the Misfits after two twelve hour work shifts i thinks i might play that in the office tomorrow.