Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Dog Daze of Summer! and a New DIY Challenge!

Sometimes wishes can be a real bitch!

This is a bit of a switch for me, and I made it a blog exclusive, since Alexia isn't really around any more, and I'm not sure she is into this sort of transformation anymore. The way the model was posed just gave me the idea to do one that wasn't a standard TG caption at all. Don't expect much more like this, though if I find another photo that could suggest it, I wouldn't NOT do it just because it isn't my usual captioning fare.

No onward to the next DIY Challenge. I was going to use this one last month, but held off because I wanted to give something that might have been easier to work with. Then again, I would like to think that people with devious minds, like you the readers, could definitely work with this photo.

The deadline is midnight PST on Tuesday, June 30th. All the standard rules apply! Everyone is invited to create something, whether you place your story in the provided caption setting, or if you submit in the comment section of the Latest DIY page underneath the blog banner. Get cracking! Just  don't tickle her fancy too much, or rib her .. she probably won't enjoy it that much!


  1. No harm in something a bit different. A fun caption to.
    reminds me of the joke.
    A Vicar pops in to see one of his parishioners. While they are chatting and drinking tea the ladies dog comes in
    and sits in the middle of the room and starts liking its balls. I wish i could do that jokes the embarrassed vicar.
    IF you give him a biscuit he might let you.
    Great to hear Nazareth might have to blow the dust of the vinyl this weekend.

    1. I've heard that joke, and it is still funny!