Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Bottom of the Endless Perception .. The Mirror Never Lies

There's the bottom, now where's the endless perception?!?

Made this one for Jezebel, who has recently written me into her "added to" daily story, The Tails of Monkey" on the Haven. Its a fun read, and to me seems like fiction written for a tween, as it has a good sense of humor, and is fairly clean in content. I figured I would make something for her recognizing her tireless help in keeping the Haven fun and light-hearted.

On that note, I tried to go a bit existential but with a happy ending, especially once I saw this picture. Something about mirrors can bring that out of me, and like park benches, I've done quite a few captions over the years that involve them (you can hit the search bar for "mirror") and you'll see at least 5 captions with them if you try to hunt them down.

My days of taking probability classes in colleges kicked into play here, and I went along with it as it does speak to the randomness of nature and the how it spares no feelings or emotions in how it can deal out cruelty and punishment in an unrelenting fashion. Just think about the good things you have in your life, and how easily that could never have been achieved, or just how quickly it could all be taken away from you as well.

But that is the whole point I think. To enjoy what we have for what it is, and not envy what others possess. Of course we should strive for the best, but we only judge things on how we perceive it. Others may see what we are and think we've got it made. Recently I fretted for days over what tablet to get my dad for Father's Day. I wanted something quality that had great specs etc .. but those things all were quite pricey, and modified my search for a tablet that would fit him and his lifestyle, not mine and tech savvy, bleeding edge technology whores. When I made that switch in perception, I found a great tablet for him that was 59 dollars but would do exactly what I think he'll do with this technology he's only held in his hands a few times.

There really isn't much of a moral here, especially if you aren't looking for one, other than to possibly take a step back occasionally and think about who you are and what you've done, and see that it is never as bad as you think it is .. and appreciating it will always make you feel better about yourself when it comes to the trials and tribulations we all face. Remember the word "trial" is just one letter swap from "trail" .. and one leads to the other, a path from which you can take the adversity and ride it to new and exciting adventures!

So while you're outside looking in,
Describing what you see,
Remember what you're staring at is me

'Cause I'm looking at you through the glass.
Don't know how much time has passed.
All I know is that it feels like forever,
And no one ever tells you that forever feels like home,
Sitting all alone inside your head.


  1. A very chilled caption and post that sets one of on many thought paths.
    What do you think of the multi verve theory where every option is played out or that a new universe is created at every decision we make with the opposite course? i think its B S I i am not that important in the cosmic scheme
    2 any second of the day i could shout out PANTS but rarely do if ever is a new universe created every second ?
    See what you've done I shall lay awake all night now !

  2. Oh Dee! The truth revealed in this caption is moving. In truth, all of our lives are, ultimately, just so. Paths chosen. Paths dictated. Outcomes affecting and diverting us toward different destinations. Choices made and choices not made. I know my life is full of such things that I can look at now and say, "Yes!," that had to happen, or, "But not for that, then not this." What an incredibly insightful caption. This may be, in my opinion, one of your best.