Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Magical Chairs .. the Reception Game for the Truly Daring Wedding Party!

Well, it's better than smashing a wedding cake into the bride's face!

Made this for Kara Elle as part of my New Year's Resolution to caption people I haven't done in awhile. Relatively straight forward caption, with a bit more exposition that I usually lay down, but I felt it was needed to make it known what was happening. Let me know if I went overboard, or even if I should have told more of the story.

Sorry about the abruptness of this post, but I've been busy, and didn't want to go another day without a new caption up on the blog. I should have more to talk about in the next day or two! Enjoy!

I'm told that this is a popular "first dance" for the married couple at a wedding.
Haven't really thought that much about it if I ever decided to get married.
If you are married, what was YOUR wedding song? If you are only romantically entwined, 
like I am, what is "your song" for you and your loved one?


  1. you ask me if this caption is to long? compared to my tries it is but a sentence.!

  2. I wouldn't mind that outcome. sissy fantasy come true!

    1. I know you love being a sissy, but would you have preferred to have been born female if at all possible .. or is this the best situation for you as currently situated?