Friday, June 26, 2015


I had hoped for the best, but was prepared to be disappointed.

Congratulations to all those who will now be recognized as husbands and wives in all 50 of our United States! Progress is being made! Maybe someday ALL men and women will be considered equal. That day is growing ever closer. It is sad that we are recognizing a branch of the government for doing what is morally the right thing, that should've been a no-brainer (5-4 in favor is way too close a decision!) but the fact is .. they got it right!

Hate crimes will still happen. Discrimination will still happen. But at least. the laws of the land are on the LGBT side now in certain cases, and hopefully soon .. ALL CASES.

SO PROUD to be an American today! Feels good! I just had to whip up that quote in a suitable setting, while at work, and let the flag fly free!


  1. Things are changing slowly across the world. i guess we all think what kept you? but there is also a heck a lot of opposition to work over and to convince that society well not collapse because two same sex people love each other.

    1. It was only a 5-4 decision, and honestly, one of the judges against it went literally bat shit crazy in the opposition response he wrote. The problem with the Supreme Court is that a number of the liberal members are going to be retiring (or dying) soon and I cannot imagine how hard it is going to be to nominate and get through Congress, a judge of any persuasion, but especially one that holds more liberal/enlightened views.

  2. They say justice should be blind, It just seems wrong that the bases can be loaded for political/ dogmatic reasons.