Sunday, June 7, 2015

Certainly Not the Body of Christ! .. and Invisible Touch Answers!

.. but he's certainly got a lot of spirit!

Oh boy! That title just came to me and yeah, it could be offensive, but this IS me we are talking about, and I like to think it does fit in with the actual caption.

Made it a few weeks ago, and knew it would be a blog exclusive, since I don't really know, nor particularly care, about what people on the Haven's religion is, to be honest. I just saw the picture, and thought it was a sweet pose, which deserved a sweet caption, and a Dad reluctantly supporting his possible in-the-future daughter felt like a great idea for a story. I do know that Catholics have First Communion (which happens around May, which was when I wrote this) and that Protestants do not, waiting until Confirmation for the kids to commit to, as do Catholics. Why they don't have first communion is beyond me, and perhaps someone will enlighten me below as to the reasoning.

I forgot to mention this last night, but it was partially inspired by a true story that came out of Germany, which you can read about by clicking HERE! It is entitled, "Dad Wears Skirt In Solidarity With His 5-Year-Old Son," and includes a cute photo of said boy and his father.

I thank those who commented in the post for "She Seems to Have an .. Invisible Touch!" and truthfully, I people came up with much more inventive stories that I did when making it!

The idea was to make it pretty vague, and let the reader decide if he was insane or not, implying all sorts of things by the way he and his friend interacted. Was he hypnotized? Psychotic break or drug induced hallucinations? Before I go on, I realized that I made a small mistake. It should have been, "Hurry up and take A picture," not, "Hurry up and take THE picture." Explanation will follow a bit later in this post.

The photo was set up perfectly for the "invisible woman" to be seated next to her/him .. so that was my thought from the get go, that there would be that set up in the caption. My thought in telling lies is this ... if you push ahead with the fabrication full steam ahead, no matter how ludicrous it is, and no matter how many people have seen something to the contrary .. if you sell it over the top, it will be believed by others, especially if you can convince "yourself. I know the theory is called "The Big Lie" and was used by Hitler, but it has been used by others.

Anyway, for me, the plot was that our Karensue was out having fun dressed in female clothing, figuring she was far enough away from her regular haunts that no one would know her, and with being in the public, she'd have her anonymity amongst the crowd. She spotted him though before he noticed her so ... big lie told as convincingly as possible .. more likely as a stall tactic, but definitely a diversion. AND perhaps he'll end up with a photo of Reggie's vanity cruise for posterity. "I was with my girlfriend" can still be his cover story as its his word against his friends. Where is his GF now? "Dude was such a jerk to her she ran off. I'm hoping we can patch things up, but what girl wants to be called a dyke for dressing up like a man, etc ..." and if the picture is shared, Reggie can still laugh it off if he wants, by backing up his original fib.

That small mistake is that when I used "the" it made it sound like they were posing, while "a" would be more in tune with the whole, "take a picture quick!" like if wanted a memento of a child riding a bike without training wheels for the first time. I hope that makes sense to everyone.

So yeah, everyone had much better plots for what happened than my whole thought, which was he got caught and told a whopper of a tall tale for misdirection. Now that I've taken all the magic out of the caption, I know it is like finding out your favorite magician used camera tricks, right? Well, I still have some smoke, mirrors, and flexible women to throw you off my trail!

Since it's a blog exclusive, let me know what you think about the posted caption. 
Will it walk heaven's trail, or should it be sent to devil's island?!?


  1. Dee,

    Lemme start with the new blog exclusive. I hate to say it, but I’m not a fan of it. It’s not for any religious/sacrilegious reasons as I’m firmly on the agnostic bandwagon and respect other’s beliefs as they present them. But it keeps me thinking in circles… is Dee a girlfriend? A friend? She’s not Chloe’s mother (… your child…). Is Chloe his son? As in they don’t know if dressing as a girl is just a phase, or if she’s truly transgendered?

    Now that I think about it, it MAY be a religious problem. Not a problem with the religion itself, but my interpretation of Catholicism. I just can’t picture a Catholic church being very welcoming to a father/son coming to their first communion dressed up in female garb.

    As for ‘Invisible Touch’, I really like your version better after your explanation. It’s now a cap on several levels. You wrote it with the intent of letting the reader decide if he’s insane or not… well that worked. We just all went with the magical/insane path as opposed to the devious lie path.

    1. Fair points. I had Dee being either a girlfriend or step-mom of Chloe and yes, Chloe is his son and is possibly transgendered, or going through a phase.

      I was raised Catholic, and I can also understand that whole welcoming thing, but the upper echelon of Catholicism and its leaders is much different than the "on the streets" practice in the pews on Sunday. I had a relative who worked for a church, and they had an attending family that had 4 kids, all with different last names and 3 were different ethnic backgrounds (they all were the mother's kids with different fathers) and the church couldn't have been more welcoming to them, especially since the area in general is liberal. Would the diocese be ticked off about "Chloe"? .. more than likely. Would the church parish itself have accommodated her? I'm betting 35 percent would be in favor and I live in a very Catholic area. I know it is probably more wishful thinking, but if we can have captions with instantaneous gender changes, I love to think we could have understanding religious leaders too LOL

      And depending on which branch of protestantism you look at, Chloe would be much more accepted in certain faiths than in Catholicism, no doubt about it.

      Thanks for liking my explanation. I didn't think there was a way to "lose" when it came to writing the caption .. I like what I wrote, but perhaps I think my readers "won" more in their interpretation of what I created than what I thought when I conceived it initially.

    2. Also, forgot to mention that this was inspired by a true story. I'll put this in the body of the post as well.

  2. A nice sweet caption i can't comment on the religious side there was not alot of church in my family.
    On Invisible touch Very good fiendishly clever .