Saturday, June 6, 2015

PORNCO Recruitment Drive .. and DIY Challenge Results!

Precious porn resources are being wasted daily! Won't you help conserve?!?

Made this little toss off caption when I saw the source picture, and thought about the amount of porn that is being created and being viewed everyday .. and in certain genres like pantyhose or she-males, you tend to see the same photo time and again. Hell, this picture is from 6-7 years ago I believe as I think Slutty Sammi left the Internet in 2010. I imagined her pointing at us saying, "won't YOU help by becoming a porno slut for a year of your life?!?" I know some countries in Europe have a mandatory military or public service deal with young men and women, so why not THIS division?

Other than that, it is a bit of fluff about being green and not wanting to have to recycle smut from the past, with all its 70's and 80's tacky colors and copious amounts of body (and facial) hair! Do we really want to see THAT again? It was bad enough having to look at it when I was growing up as a teenager in the late 1980's with Ed Meese trying to stop us from getting our jollies!

Here are the DIY Challenge results for May of 2015. With a last minute push, we got five submissions, which is slightly above the usual .. and with the usual suspects as well. I am going to try to figure out ways to get more people, and especially newbies, involved in this process! Five is still pretty good though!

The submissions are as follows:

First up is Dawn (Commentator) who left this in my Trading Folder.

Then we got one from Helena as well.

I think Brittany got hers in first this time!

Annabelle Raven submitted via the link above, which I placed into the caption setting.

And lastly, the one that took forever as I had to keep shrinking down the text .. Ian!
I think you REALLY need to keep an eye on your word count. 
I am not even sure people will be able to read this when I post it!

I'd talk more about my day, but I am making this on Monday for posting sometime later in the week, so I have no idea what is actually going on when I post this. (update before posting) Well, took it easy mostly and then went shopping at Market Basket. Going to have some watermelon in a few minutes and watch some Batman: The Animated Series. Hope everyone had a blast making the DIY captions and look forward to what we have in store for June!


  1. I love this cap Dee! Perhaps we've reached "Peak Porn" and it's all downhill from here!!! But I have faith that in each new generation there will be those that want to share their bodies and fetishes with us until the next technological revolution come along and changes porn forever!!!!

    1. Glad you have such a positive "State of the Porn" address for us! I was afraid that HD cameras would be the death of porn, but we seem to have soldered on!

  2. Oh no a porn shortage ! Can i off set my porno foot print by thinking pure thoughts the rest of the day?
    Sorry about the word count i just cant write a short snappy caption at the moment. My name is Ian and I am a word addict !

    1. I have a friend that literally still has all the pron he had 20+ years ago in magazine form. He is pretty worried about subscribing to a porn site and really doesn't want to subject his computer to possible infections from even free web searches! I would think that spanking to the same stuff for 20 years would be boring, plus out of touch with the current reality, but then again .. many people have been married for many years and they don't seem to get too bored with their current wives, so I guess it works the same way!

  3. Fun cap, and an interesting idea to recruit new faces for the porn industry this way.

    LOL, when I read mine after Dawn's it almost reads like a sequel to hers.
    Love the other entries as well.
    To be honest Dee, it doesn't seem that Ian is the only one who is limited by the format of your picture, as Dawn and Brittany extended the space they had to work with, so their stories would fit.
    For me it is an extra challenge, but that may be because of the quote of my favorite Dutch writer, Godfried Bomans. "To write is to erase. What remains is writing." Yeah, I have that quote in my Haven profile as wel ;)

    1. You've mentioned that quote a few times, and I'm a big fan of it.

      I can understand why they would expand it, as my ratio has always been 50-50 between the photo and the text, and occasionally I'll go more like 40 picture to 60 text or vice versa if I don't have much verbiage. At some point, a caption stops being a caption, and turns into a short story with images.

      I just did a word count, and Ian had 426 words, while Annabelle had 247 .. with Ian having almost double the characters that Annabelle did .. hence his font size had to be half of Annabelle's, making it quite hard to read in the same space.

      My caption design is usually around 1200 pixels wide, which until recently, would not have been acceptable on the Haven, where 800 was the limit. Perhaps we'll ask Ian to keep his next submission under 250 words just to see if he can do it! LOL