Monday, June 1, 2015

.. and We'll Never Be Royals .. Royals!

We crave a different kind of buzz!

Well, well, well. Dee is referencing a song that only came out within the last year or two? What's up with that, eh? When a song is as entrancing as "Royals" comes out, I am definitely intrigued. I knew of the song beforehand, but got addicted when the GF bought the 2014 Grammy Nominee CD for like 5 bucks used. We just skip the country music shit at the end of the disc (and Ed Sheeran) but it is a fairly good listen other wise. Just looking at the 2015 Grammy Nominee CD and it might actually be better than 2014 .. So SHAKE IT OFF! SHAKE IT OFF!

Well, where else can I get my teenage girl groove on, right?

Anyway, when I saw the picture, I immediately thought of the song Royals, due to the really silly hat in the photo, which if I remember correctly, there were lots of involved with the wedding or birth or whatever the hell the British monarchy was doing in pantyhose a few years ago. I know many people here in the USA were all excited ... like I give a rat's ass about inbred non-tax paying sponges off of real working class people .. we won a war a few hundred years ago to stop having to deal with people who think its a god given right to be "born special" in a way that benefits no one but themselves.

Where was I again? Oh yeah. I have no idea if that model in the photo *IS* one of the royals, but I could not care less either way. If so, then woohoo, I turned Erin into an ACTUAL princess. If not, then it is totally a fun wish fulfillment caption with a sweet little inside pop culture reference to a role that Anne Hathaway probably thinks is really silly, but made tween girls gush like banshees!

And as if you weren't expecting THIS song .. BOLLOCKS TO YOU ALL! SOD OFF!

And yes, he made a commercial for butter .. which he used the proceeds of to bring back PiL!

Public Image Limited had some GREAT songs .. all here and in sounding awesome!


  1. I love it! It hits on so many wish fulfillment ideas, and the pop culture references were a nice touch. The hats are a tradition for all English ladies for certain events, I think, not just royalty. Sort of like the Kentucky Derby here in the States.

  2. Its ladies day as ascot when all the silly hats come out.
    i can't say i am pro monarchy but if the subject is brought up most people here seem for it and get rather silly over it. the annoying thing is we got rid of them once in the English civil war but old habits brought it even took the french nearly 100 years to get rid of monarchy IE Napoleon and two further attempts at restoration . SIGH !
    Well i might be locked up for treason in the tower of London now Yikes

  3. Lovely cap.

    Thanks for the Johnny Rotten video's they got me in a good mood. I should have a VHS somewhere of the Sex Pistols, but my VCR died a few years ago :S

    I wouldn't have minded either if the Netherlands stayed a republic. May it have been as the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands, or as the Batavian Republic. It was the time even the British and the Spanish armada's feared ours. We actually kicked ass in those days.
    Ah well we are a kingdom now. Like the nation who cost us our republic say: C'est la vie.
    And to the royalists among the citizens of the US, enjoy the visit of Willem Alexander and Maxima.