Saturday, May 30, 2015

Winning the Promotion .. But Losing the Battle?!?

another office caption? Have I beaten you into submission yet?

Well, hey! When I get a bunch of good pictures of women in an office, I tend to use them. It's like the guy with a great fishing pole and bait ... if a bunch of trout are biting, he isn't going to complain that he's not getting red snapper! Of course, that depends on whether you are fishing in salt or fresh water, and where exactly you are casting your line, but you know what I mean!

Anyway, it was made for Ron, who enjoys captions where women are still wearing some men's clothing, and this one came through and it gave me the idea about people casting a spell through the messages they left on his desk. Nothing elaborate on this one, Originally I had a different written font for each, but it looked SO SLOPPY that I had to just go with one standard, and I can justify that by saying that is his "speaking font" for the messages.

It's Saturday night and I am about to start watching the 2nd game seven of the Stanley Cup semi-finals in two nights. Last night's game was awesome, as the Lightning took care of the Rangers 2-0. This game tonight with the Blackhawks and Ducks should be even better, and more physical. I want to see the Ducks win, since Chicago beat the Bruins a few years ago in the finals, but either team is going to have a great final against Tampa Bay so I'm rooting for a great Cup final.

Remember, Sunday night is the deadline for the May DIY Challenge. I believe I have one in my trading folder, and one submitted through the comment section of the DIY tab underneath the banner up above at the top of this blog. Definitely looking for people to submit, as the more the merrier!

Also, I have updated my preferences, both here and on the Haven. Give them a look through, especially if you are going to make a caption for me. I try to tighten them up from time to time, making sure it is as current as it could be. If you haven't updated yours in awhile, why not?

How disappointing is it that the "voice of my generation", 
could barely ever be considered comprehensible?
"Just because you're paranoid, don't mean they're not watching you."


  1. a great and clever caption. Me? cheap OK maybe. cute i wish, i would need all the magic i could get.

  2. I thought it was very clever Dee. I rather enjoy changes brought on by someone, in this case many people, control all changes. Its actually one of my favorite types of transformation.
    Great cap!

    xoxoxo Katie

  3. Lovely cap.
    Hmm, I haven't updated my prefs in a while, actually they are still the same as when I first wrote them. I'm still content with the few prefs I wrote down, but it's always a good idea to reconsider them.
    I will have to think about it. Maybe there will be some changes, and maybe I find they still fit me like a glove. We'll see.