Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Katie and Hailey .. Lifestyles of the Pantyhose Models!

The caption that was mentioned like a week ago that I never got around to posting here!

Made this one for Katie with a guest starring role for Hailey Pixley around the same time as another I posted last Tuesday. Sometimes I just find a picture folder online that has quite a few photos that will work well .. and you have to do them while you can because often it can be feast or famine with source materials to make captions. An idea will just pop into my head and I'm off running to keep up with the plot that is playing there.

As I mentioned in the original post to Katie Mills trading folder:
Starting out as a pantyhose model can be tough on "girls" like Hailey. It is so nice that she'll have a friend like you to show her the ropes! Hope you enjoy. I saw the picture and pretty much came up with the closing lines for you on the spot, so instant caption!
Part of the caption was somewhat of a trade secret in the 80's, that some of the models walking the runway were actually men, which is where RuPaul got her start. From there, it is just having some fun with the confines of the trope of grizzled veteran taking the newbie starlet under her wing .. from westerns to war movies to broadway musicals .. its a fairly standard story idea .. and mapping it onto a TG caption construct which gives it the shape for me to play with it.

The ending came to me first, as a bit of a rimshot zinger, but now that I think about it, almost resembles a plot point in Breakfast Club, where "The Basket Case" is at detention because she had nothing better to do .. choosing to be there while everyone else was forced to give up a Saturday as punishment. Of course, she's also a huge liar, so we are never sure it that story was real, but I like to think it was.


  1. I absolutely love this cap Dee. I only wish I could really pull it off and be a pantyhose model. But if I were Hailey, Elise, Lacey, Dawn, Melina and you would be there. Thanks for a wonderful cap. Very, very sexy.

    xoxoxo Katie

  2. You always pick out the best models for us Dee, especially assuming (as the cap implies) that I'm on the left there. =) Love it!

  3. lovely cap, either Katie’s wife needs to be more careful, or she should invest in a better quality hosiery. Unless of course she likes Katie in pantyhose.