Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Best Way to Learn the Job .. From the Ground Floor UP!

Changing sex isn't exactly cost efficient on a case by case basis!

Made this one for Sarine Davis (Belladonna on Fictionmania), who apparently hasn't been to the Haven in almost two months! If you know where she is, let us know!

Anyway, I love making office captions for her as she does quite a few secretary stories and captions, and those are a lot of fun to read and write. I wanted to do something a bit different, and something that businesses have been getting away from recently, which can often spell doom for the companies they get hired to work for.

The main one I can hold up is when J C Penney hired a former guy from Apple to become CEO. How a guy who was selling in-demand, trendy technology that never seemed to be on sale was supposed to use that knowledge to bring an old time retail clothing company known for deep discounting into the black again after some stumbles seemed very odd to me .. and as it turned out, he failed miserably, turning the people who liked J C Penney against the story and failing to bring in new consumers that would share his vision. Now they are in worse shape then when he took over.

It used to be that you'd work at a place, get to know the product and the people in that environment, and they'd either promote you to a certain level, or you'd find a better position at a competitors place, and it was every 5-8 years if not more between work environments. Now, you look at a resume, and its 1-2 years in a spot if they were lucky, and with a variety of job duties in varied industries.

So anyway, I took on that mentality in a fun way with this caption. As a boss, it is always good to have an idea of where all the bodies are buried, and the dynamics between employees, who belongs to which faction, and that will help you focus your ship steering capabilities. What better way to do that then have intimate knowledge of every step from the lowest rung to the top?!?

Seems like a noble pursuit, and we can make that happen with the magical technology of TG captions! Of course, that often seems like a waste of resources on whom we actual use it on! Those bastards don't DESERVE the changes, do they? And who picks up the cost?!? Anyway, that is the little twist that makes this a tad bit different than the usual secretary office caption, at least I think so, as we get to see the new CEO enjoy the fruits of the companies labor!

This weekend is my anniversary with the GF . me with a battered knee still and she with a sinus infection! Uggh! Hopefully we will have some fun as we have the next 3 days off as well!


  1. Ouch! What is it that they say? Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? Bam!

  2. Love the twist on the usual idea at the end, and Jenkins deserves points for trying!

    1. That Jenkins is about as shady as they come, but he doesn't give up!

    2. Smart fella... just not smart enough. :)

  3. Great cap.

    Wow, Elvis Costello. It must be at about a decade ago since the last time I saw him live.
    It was "The monkey speaks it's mind" tour. Great performer even with bad acoustics he still sounded solid as a rock.