Saturday, May 16, 2015

Haven Rod & Gun Club .. Plus a NEW DIY Challenge!

They are looking for men of high caliber!

Made this quickie pretty much so I could post the new DIY Challenge. Saw the picture and said, "those hunters are really give the animals a fair chance by going out in skirts and heels!" and write it from there. Perhaps the newly changed females would give out some strange sort of pheromone that might scare away all the deer, but bring out all the guys in the duck blinds!

So here is the latest DIY Challenge. The irony of this challenge is that after I put it into a caption setting, I found a picture that would've made a much better challenge BUT I am still going to post this one, and hold of until June for the "better" one. I still think that there are many stories you could pull out of this one, even though it might not be apparent at first viewing. It could be a magical / compulsion sort of caption, hypnosis, or straight up crossdressing/sissy as well .. so I expect MANY people to get involved in this one! Don't let me down!

The deadline will be May 31st at 12 pm PST. You can snag the jpg of the challenge and put in the story right onto the TG setting, or leave the story in the comment section in the "Latest DIY" section, which you can find by clicking on it right beneath the blog banner up above .. and I'll do all the formatting and turn it into a caption! Easy Peasy!

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  1. Thats a fun caption.
    Are you allowed to have artillery guns in the USA? That would be so cool wouldn't it.