Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Date(?) at the Cineplex to see Magic Mike XXL!

Sometimes sequels are even better than the original!

Hopefully like the movie, this caption was worth the wait .. considering I was going to post it like 2-3 posts ago!

The idea for this came twofold, as Elise had recently written a sequel to a caption I made for her called "Elise and Bobbi Crash the Sorority Party!" and posted it to my folder. I was thinking about making her a caption when I was looking through pantyhose folders online and found this picture. I know a few women that are supposed to be in the sequel to Magic Mike (the male stripper movie) that comes out this summer, so I decided to throw that all together into one TG caption!

The "how to get him there at the movies" and "what changes him" came with a quick little brainstorming session of, "how do guys do anything they don't really want to?" and the answer is "for a woman!" and "just a random wayward wish!" seemed to work just as well as anything else, right?

So we have a nice little piece of TG fluff that wears its fun on its sleeve, even if she isn't wearing sleeves, right?

And here I thought that this song was done by Nickelback, which was shocking because 
I hate Nickelback. I guess the moral of the story is, I don't mind bands that rip off Nickelback 
as much as I hate Nickelback!