Sunday, May 17, 2015

Eliminating Some Clutter!

Every man's treasure is some woman's trash!

This is something interesting, because (a) I am going to post a caption almost immediately after making it, and (b) I ended up not posting it to the person I was creating it for.

Jay likes to post a scenario each month he'd like to see people make him captions with, of course following his other preferences. I liked the idea of his latest, which was:
About to move into a smaller place, so it's time to think about 
... That is, getting rid of some of the junk that you accumulate over forty years that might not be terribly useful in a new place or a new life - although tossing it may also be a bad idea.
 and I right away thought about a woman in a closet, and how he could be hypnotized to get rid of clutter, but of course, a certain kind of clutter. Jay is a big fan of the Red Sox, and also loves movies of all kinds, and from past posts, I think he really likes film noir, classic b&w movies, and probably stuff that probably would be considered pretentious or art house films. I don't mind watching "gay cowboys eating pudding" either as Cartman would say, so I understand the desire to collect movie posters or lobby cards of "Salo" or "Gold Diggers of 1933" and what sort of clutter that can lead to in one's humble abode.

Anyway, I went surfing for a picture on Google, and after a few minutes, found this one. I liked it because much of the face is covered up, and also it is ambiguous to whether he's crossdressing or has been turned completely into a woman. Afterwards, I decided for that reason, among some lesser ones, that I wouldn't give it to Jay, even though it was inspired by his scenario, and technically stars him in the protagonists role. Yes, I could have changed the name, but it fits well in the caption, so it stays!

I remember The Kinks as one of the first bands my mom and dad both liked, though my dad liked the heavy stuff like "All Day and All of the Night" and "You Really Got Me" while my mom liked the stuff that was more like the above, "Dedicated Follower of Fashion". They used to play the greatest hits album and I'd dance to it all, as only a little kid could. This one was so old it didn't have Lola on it, and looked it up and apparently this greatest hits came out in 1966!


  1. As a clutter amassing expert I think I could use help but these people don't understand why its important to have every star trek and spin of on tape or five defunked computers and I know I've not made any homebrew in years but......

    1. I have backups of many of the things I used to have analog, especially since I have moved a few times. The only thing I really miss is all of my old vintage gaming systems. Before the last move, I was like, "I am never going to be rich enough to have a room dedicated to all these things, and I keep lugging them around!" so I got rid of them. It was the right choice but doesn't mean I'm still happy with the decision!