Monday, May 25, 2015

Waiting Until the Timing Is Right ... Now Please!

You can only keep your knees closed for so long before giving up your virginity!

Made this one for Wakka from the Haven, and I as mentioned in the blog post:
We don't have enough "let's wait for sex until we learn about each other by turning him into a girl" captions, so I wanted to rectify that situation immediately, plus I hadn't made you a caption for some time, which feeds into my New Year's resolution of captioning those I haven't in awhile.
Yeah, we are almost at the end of May and I'm still following through on my New Year's Resolution! Talk about dedication, eh?

I am not really sure how many caption like this are out there. I would have to say there HAS to be a few, or at least in story format, because I vaguely remember something approaching this plot somewhere in the vast portions of my brain. No matter what though, it nearly isn't enough!

Who's to say though that mother doesn't have a few other spells at her disposal? At least "Richelle" was playing by the rules and respected Samantha enough to go along with the whole "I will wait to have sex with you by being a female friend for 3 months" plan. That is dedication and perseverance in waiting to bust her cherry. I can only imagine the situation for the guy that actually DOES said busting if mother finds out!

Was always weird hearing this song sung at a Karaoke Bar by my at the time, 14 year old daughter, but I got over it because I was so proud of the reaction the crowd gave her. Chip off the old block!


  1. interesting. I often feel people don't read much of my work because I tend to do more captions that aren't instantly erotic. I love doing them when I can, but it's harder than one would think. ...

    1. I definitely understand that feeling that people won't read it. This one is close to 1k views and it was posted 21 hours ago, so it does bode well for hitting 1,000 page views.

      I think these can be harder to write as well. I would hope that some people would find this erotic, say to be trapped as a female for 3 months willing to wait for their GF, then come to find out they are going to get laid as a female instead. I guess results may vary!

  2. i had to read it several times to get this one. clever and fun. i think Samantha;s mother has other motives or her magic is to strong?