Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Second Chance at a First Impression

Probably the best way ever to reboot your life!

Made this one for KarenSue and had the picture for about a week or two before laid it out in caption format. Even at that point, my idea was, as I posted in her trading folder, "trying to make a caption where the protagonist was trying to impose masculine traits for others to follow and ways they could work around "I will do X but only if I don't have to do Y," and this picture was perfect for that!"

What had caught my eye was the amount of fabric in the gown that covered little of her body. It almost seemed like a case where a school said, "your outfits NEED to have at least 8 yards of fabric in them to keep you modest" and this was the girl got around that rule. Also, her hairstyle helped support the constrictions that Reggie had placed upon them, as its not that different than what Beiber was rocking a year or two ago. The facial expression was perfect for the unveiling too, so I glad-fully took everything the photo presented to me and repackaged it into a caption I enjoyed creating and reading, even a week later.

We are hunkered down again, stuck in this seemingly endless loop of a Sunday through Monday night big snow storm with a less one hitting midweek. It'd have been a bit nicer if Mother Nature had decided to spread these things out more in December and early January instead.

For those who remember, I never went to my prom, and pretty much spent the night drinking with some friends underneath a bridge. I probably should have forced myself to go, but for most people, it is NEVER really as magical as the movies and song make it out to be. I can't imagine how you can really have fun in a suit and tie or a tuxedo, something I've only done twice, thank Goddess!


  1. love the photo and the caption you put to it, i think reggie well be dating for real soon.
    I am not one for suits either but when i have had to make the effort told i look good.
    prehaps they are just relived to see me out my normal casual.
    saw a photo of myself afew weeks back all dressed up a chubby fresh faced early teens
    a velvet suit no less ! oh the 1970s decade of style disasters.

    1. I've always been a t-shirt and jeans person, and even at work its more like khaki's or black jeans with a collarless henley shirt and doc martens.

      I've worn a tuxedo twice in my life, once at a prom for a girlfriend after I had already graduated, and the other time was at a friend's wedding where I was in the wedding party. I don't think I've ever worn a suit other than for first communion back when I was forced to be catholic.

  2. Lovely cap.
    Over here we didn't even have something like a prom in my younger days, but that seems to change. The kids like it, and as far as i can tell it doesn't have the social pressure a prom seems to have.

    What struck me first when I saw the picture was the dress as well, but for a different reason. Long time ago I had drapes in the very same color as the dress. Even though they were velvet, the amount of fabric made me think of my drapes first.

    I hope for you it will stop snowing, and thaw sets in, slowly enough the melting water won't become a problem.

    1. They do sort of look like someone made a dress out of drapes, doesn't it?

      Thanks for the good wishes for good weather. Not sure we are escaping the major part of the storm yet, though if we don't get at least a foot, we are likely to get sleet, which just might be worse! I feel bad for my daughter, who just started college in January. They've been back in school for 3 weeks and still hasn't met for her Monday classes yet!