Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Future is the Past that Hasn't Happened Yet!

There is a reason they call "The Present" just that word!

The next few captions will be more metaphysical in nature. This one I created for Jezebel from the Haven, who has characters that are pixies, and I often view her in the warm shades of color, and as an empath. In that sense, this picture drew out such a diverse color palette that I wanted to draw it all in, with the green balancing all the other colors I mentioned in the caption.

I think people do not need a huge understanding of any sort of mysticism to get the caption, and if you wish to read a bit more about auras, you can click RIGHT HERE for more information. The caption as a whole just relates to finding oneself and there are many different ways and paths we can use to become centered, whether spiritual or with more worldly pursuits. I know a few people that were wild and off the beam until they had a child.

Its all about a sense of self, how we see ourselves and how that fits into the connectivity of our earthly realm. The section here, both in the caption and in the scope of this blog, coincide with gender, and how elastic we wish to be, physically, mentally and emotionally. Like the colors of the rainbow, we all have our own range of perceptions and how comfortably we can engage in them.

The best way to expand our borders is to look outside of them, to the limits that others set for themselves. To me, there is no such thing as information overload, since you can just discard rather quickly things that don't fit to your ethos, or at least let them simmer on the back burner until you can process it better. "Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards." is a quote by Kierkegaard, but why should we have to make our own mistakes, when we can learn from others?

"OH THE MISTAKES we could fix if we could only relive them!" Who says you cannot? We have limitless imaginations, one that can certainly give us big tits and the adventures of a bimbo slut .. why not "fix" the mistakes of the past, even if its only in our minds? Should we though? I'm all for healing the psyche, as what lies underneath definitely influences our current path. The problem lies not with the healing, but the constant living in the past that often this route can dig up.

So listen to your elders, and create a dialog with your peers. This collective knowledge exists as a existential life-preserver that is weaved into the fabric of all our lives. Whether its religious tracts, social media, or a sentence on the inside cap of a Snapple bottle, let it wash over you!

Hmmm, I did a bit of rambling there, didn't I? Oh well! Its up to you whether you think its useful or a bunch of twaddle! I hope you enjoy either way!

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  1. Sweet caption, when I saw the picture I was thinking, this is either for Jinny or for Wendy. Both girls are as sweet as this cap.

    What you call rambling could also be the wise words of priestess Mentia, because your words do contain a lot of wisdom. It is a pity most of us build walls around ourselves, too high to look over them and too thick to break through them. A lot of people will be happy that way, because they have no clue what’s beyond the little world they created for themselves. But those who can imagine what's beyond their own walls, but can't get past them on their own, they are the ones who need help more than anyone.

    Always loved this Cyndi Lauper song. She may not have the best singing voice, but she sure knows how to get to an emotional level, many trained voices never reach.