Thursday, February 5, 2015

Summer Fun For Sis ... and The Next DIY Challenge!

Be careful who you try to get in trouble!

Made this one today, once again just looking at photos for inspiration. Figured it was better just to make it a blog exclusive instead of trying to shoehorn someone in on a trade caption.

I just realized that I haven't visited Fictionmania in almost a week. I'd like to think that I could chalk that up to being ADHD and not having the attention span to read TG Fiction anymore, but I don't think that necessarily is the answer. Considering that I still make TG Captions and have fantasies from time to time, and still read transformational stories and visit sites like The Lab and The Mind Control Story Archive .. and even have purchased a few videos via Clipsforsale .. I am wondering if FM's impact is lessening or maybe mediocrity of stories in general has made me a less likely visitor. What are your thoughts on the current state of Fictionmania?

Time for the next DIY Challenge! I made this caption setting back when I was working on the post for "Boxing Day" and had an extra picture that I liked. Figured it would make a great DIY Challenge. The deadline will be February 20th at midnight PST. Please post your story in the LATEST DIY comments section, or make your own caption by taking the setting and putting text to it. If you do, upload it to my trading folder on the Haven with "DIY" in the title. I also want to say that you can have anyone star in these captions, I know people have me as a character in them sometimes, but you do not have to stroke my ego or anything. The main thing I hope for is some creativity and a great story to match the chosen picture. Hope to see lots of entries for this one!

These lyrics fit pretty well!
"I know its done for me .. if you steal my sunshine!"


  1. love the caption, think i knew where the twist was going but fun getting ther.
    What a strange photo for the diy have got an idea i well try and fleesh out though

  2. Great cap.
    I'm not sure if FM's impact is lessening. They still seem to get their share of new stories. I just don't know haw well thea are read.
    I haven't visited FM much for the last few years, even way before I became more involved in our little community, but I found myself more frequent over there for the last few weeks. Maybe I just needed a break from FM, and maybe you do now. Maybe the focus point of our attention just shifted.
    True, FM hass medioctate stories, but they had them 10 even 15 years ago as well. It's finding the little gems amongst them that's part of the fun.

    Interesting picture for the DIY. There are a few ideas already running around in my head. I better go and try to catch one.

  3. In regards to FM there is so much variety it's hard to find something that is consistently good. With captions certain writers post frequently good captions and can be relied upon to build a community. But just like with FM there are some bad sites. Your advantage is community based around magnificent captions. I haven't vistied FM as much - it's hard to find stories sometimes,... But the caption you made today was cute and interesting, though if they stay as their sisters what reputation are they setting themselves up for?