Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bring on the Night, As It Always Leads to the Morning!

I'm not always coherent, but I do have a way with words. Please read!

Made this for Werewomaniac on the Haven, who has been there forever, and yet I hadn't ever made them a caption. I read the preferences and thought about the screen name itself, and wanted to approach the TG transformation in a different way.

Male and female are just states of being essentially. Theoretically, the state of being one gender or another shouldn't make a difference, though from a societal standpoint, it is just now becoming balanced. Biologically it is a crap shoot, one sperm out of gazillions got through. Being comfortable in our own skin is more problematic, but that is an issue of identity, which we've covered much more thoroughly in many of my other posts.

I thought about the rebirth of our essence, a soul if you wish, and how it, and we evolve over time. In this case, Alan isn't quite immortal, but it is obvious he's changed MANY times. He/She is beyond the point of seeing the metamorphosis as a blessing or curse and accepted it as another part of life itself. The change itself does not matter to April, it is what come after that makes the difference.

Its not an uncommon theme in my TG captions. Usually the physical change isn't the reason the story exists, it is a catalyst for how things are going to be different mentally, emotionally, or trans-formative in another realm. For those who miss that underlying current, I hope I have enough other elements to make it an enjoyable viewing experience. If it does show through, then I hope it enhances the overall presentation.

There are subtexts underneath this that are there below the surface. The Vernal Equinox is in March, which historically is the date when day and night are approximately the same length again, after the winter where you don't often see the sun. It ties in with many religious celebrations, including Easter in Christian communities, and they often invoke a sense of rebirth. Her female name is April, which is when Spring usually rears its head, the ground thaws and flowers are budding.

All the elements came together for me here with the story I wished to convey with the source photo. She looks disheveled, as if she had been wandering around dazed through the woods. Its a pleasing body, with the classical Roman, idealized female shape .. as if chiseled by the old Gods themselves. If one wanted to know what a Were-woman looked like, it'd probably be something like this.

Originally, I was going to end it along the lines of "Now hopefully could find his manservant, Jenkins, as quickly as possible so he could be dressed for breakfast." but bringing it back to the mundane wasn't needed. I wanted its voice to stay the same throughout, and with that coda it wouldn't have carried the same weight. Besides, the "rich" could be read more to be fulfilled in ways other than monetary.

This caption is probably a huge hit or miss proposition, and needs to be read between the lines, otherwise its some adjectives and affirmations with a nice set of knockers propping up the story. Either way, it is perfect for this blog, and what I set out to do when creating it .. here is your metaphorical shovel, dig as deep as you'd like. Let me know what you think!

I had listened to this disc a few days before I made this caption, and wondering if it inspired me without me even knowing it!


  1. if you have many lifetimes to live sure you would be wiser and not repeat past mistakes and you might be inclined to risk failer knowing you have time to make it up.
    Alas for those with one life to lead there is no second chance or always a negative to the plus, we way up the security we know or the fear of the unknown or hardships. Most happyness is fleeting also there well always be a next thing to yearn for. most people are to busy surviveing to live a forefiled life.
    i realize this only covers thhe materailist selfish side, there is helping others charity etc but i think i depressed you enouth for now.

  2. Lovely cap. I'm not sure if more lifetimes would make someone wiser. I guess that depends on the person who gets to live the lifes. Others only need one lifetime to accuire real wisdom.
    I think this cap will appeal extra to all of your readers who are at least a little bit familiar with wiccan and pagan celebrations.