Monday, February 2, 2015

The Amazing Mentia Has Done It Again .. And DIY Challenge Results!

You'll see I have nothing up my sleeves, because I'm not even wearing sleeves!

Started this one a few weeks ago and then stalled, and finished it up on Saturday. There wasn't enough of a plot involving someone so I pretty much knew it'd be a blog exclusive. I was going for something a bit different story wise, and it definitely doesn't feel fully realized for my tastes. In fact, I would say that I over thought the story and wrote my way into a corner. I do find it fairly descriptive though, so at the worst, it was a creative exercise to work through, and as such won't disappoint any recipient of a caption trade.

Here are the results of the DIY Challenge contest. Today has been mostly working from home in between bouts of shoveling the family out of snowbound hell, so I really don't feel up to commenting on the individual entries, though I did like them all. Next DIY Challenge WILL be harder!

First up above is Helena!

Next we have Brittany7 ..

And rounding out this Caption Challenge is Ian!

And thanks once again to everyone that visits this blog every day, as January 2015 was the biggest month we've ever had here! Over 160k views and over 80 comments!


  1. i think your right that the caption could be fleshed out more but i did enjoy the plight of the two victims.

  2. I enjoyed all the DIY caps but Helena's was closest to the kind of cap I would have made.- short and very humorous.

    1. One of the reasons I love setting up these DIY Challenges is to see how others would use the same source photo. I love how we got a short, medium and long story out of the same picture.

      I am looking forward to the next one that should be up by the weekend I think. It should be more challenging, but I was impressed the last time I did that, with the woman with the ship in her hair, at how great everyone made that one work!

    2. Fun cap, Dee. With friends like Bill, who needs enemies.

      Thank you Dawn, that's quite a compliment, coming from someone I consider to have a great sense of humor.
      Ian and Brittany, you each made a great DIY too.

      I'm looking forward to the next DIY as well, Dee. The previous DIY's you concidered hard, were a great excuse to let my imagination run wild.