Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Deidre the Schoolgirl Tutors Keith ...

in the ways of love, or so he thinks!

Didn't have much time to caption tonight, but wanted to post something new so I went to a few websites that have a mass of images that can be viewed in a quick period of time. Found this one and the story line was about 80 percent complete in my head. I think it took about 10 minutes to create and about 3-5 to polish it up to a final glossy sheen as best I could. I mean, the text color is all supposed to be the same tone, but it looks darker up top. Down the bottom, I used the stroke tool to bring out the text a big more, and even then it doesn't look like the same hue.

Anyway, I couldn't find a way to spring the "Deidre is the BLONDE" until almost the end so reluctantly I put it where it fit best, and was created at the same time as the zinger. Hopefully it will have the same impact as I thought it would towards the end. And yes, Deidre is me! I like to think that its my "classy, God given name" for when I need to be sophisticated or innocent! In Gaelic, it means sorrowful, and could also be a connotation for 'fear' or 'raging woman'. That certainly sounds like it could be me!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Does the placement of the "blonde wig" change your perception of the caption, akin to spoiling the ending? I mean, yes Keith DOES get it in the end(!) but did you have that inkling beforehand due to the early foreshadowing?


  1. Great cap, The first time I read it, it read to me like Keith wanted to get laid, and got a girl that was way kinkier than he expected. After your post it seems like Keith is not the first boy to sneak into that dormitory, and he might be there for a lot longer than just one night.

    1. Well, originally I only meant that the big mistake was he was about to get an ass pounding from me .. but I really do like your interpretation as well. I'm sure there are lots of boys out there that need some salvation!

  2. Love the cap. I think that Keith is going to be a very different "man" after the lights come back on. But I definately thought that Keith was not the blonde. But it makes sense and makes deidre more sinister. Let him think he's in control, that he's male and then tell him the truth