Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Missing the Target Completely!

It is a new dynamic between the two, and one he'll have to get used to I'm sure!

Made this one for Kat Vandee a few minutes ago. This is a much more straightforward caption about a life changed and rearranged into something new. I wrote much more about the last two, which did need the exposition, but I think this one is pretty self-explanatory. Can't see any deep hidden meaning there, unless there is some possible cuckolding that is going to happen. Maybe Simon's wife just wants some deep dickin' from time to time and Kat won't cut the mustard now.

More snow coming our way, on Thursday and probably over the weekend too! Not exactly what I wanted for Valentine's Day, trust me!

If you want to read something with more substance, check out the last two caption posts. Otherwise, this is more of a breather post. Should have more captions posted soon! Remember that there is a touch more than one week to go in the DIY Challenge! Only one entry in so far!


  1. A new dynamic sums this up nicely. i do think the wife is enjoying being the new boss.

  2. Fun cap. I would like to know what the chemicals were in the vat Simon fell in.