Wednesday, January 28, 2015

This Caption Is Brought to You By the Letter ... 'H' !!

They tried to make me go to rehab, and I said .. YES! YES! YES!

Just whipped this one up right now, and I didn't want to imply that anyone was on smack, so I made this a blog exclusive. When I saw the picture, I thought, "I'm so glad she got off HORSE!" which made me think about using it for a caption. Usually they give addicts methadone, but it is only slightly less addictive than the real stuff, though you can be weaned down somewhat. You also hear stories of people using things like kick boxing, woodworking, or some other ways to become "addicted" to other things that you can obsess over that don't have to potency of H.

Why not hook them onto something that many of the readers here seem to "jones" for .. femininity! Can't go wrong with that, right? Plus you'll be getting into shape, and possibly gaining a whole new career! Sounds like the perfect way to rehab! So you might end up with a closet full of high heels and drawers filled with lingerie, but who cares? I'm sure you can find a girlfriend that will share clothing instead of needles! You DO need emotional support when kicking something bad, you know?


I am officially sick of snow after only ONE snowstorm! Well, we got 2 feet of snow here, which wouldn't be bad if we were in the country or suburbs. When you live in a city, and in an apartment with only one off street parking space, it is hell to deal with. "Where to put the snow" is complaint number one, and the second one is, "I took 3 hours to shovel out and some asshole is now in my spot when I get home? What the FUCK!" Hopefully we can get some sun and serious melting before Friday, where we are supposed to get a wet 1-3 inches of snow, then MORE snow on Monday! I'd put my arms up and scream, but right now, I can't get my left arm over my shoulders.

OH! To be in Arizona to watch the Patriots in the Super Bowl instead of being stuck here as MY balls deflate instead of Tom Brady's!

Have you made it this far down? Well, since you have. I am making a caption that will have a newly transformed drag queen she-male in it. First one to comment and list a male and female name gets to star in it. Otherwise, I have someone in mind for that position!


  1. Talk about "H"itting a sissies sweet spot! I think you've "H"it a "H"omerun Dee. "H"ee "H"ee!

    Big "H"ugs "H"oney!


  2. Fun cap Dee! I really like the old timey postcard style image.

    I'm rather jealous of your snow. We've had a very mild snow season especially when compared to last year. I'd guess we've had around 5 inches total, with only about a single inch remaining on the ground. Last night we had ice and evidently the drive to work will be quite treacherous today.

    I remember living in Chicago when we had a blizzard and had to deal with the same parking situation. I found it hilarious that people would put out lawn furniture to ‘protect’ their spot. It turns out that my car could run over a lawn chair fairly well and claim the spot anyway! Of course it also turns out that when an aluminum lawn chair is thrown against your car, it can scratch up the paint fairly well.

    1. You can take all our snow if it was up to me! We are supposed to get another 1-3 inches on Friday and another possible BIG storm in Monday. As I mentioned above, if I lived in the suburbs, we could just push it somewhere into the yard or something and let it stay there until springtime, but here it just makes it ever harder to get a parking spot.

      One my way to work today, I saw at least 30 lawn chairs, though these were of the plastic variety, and about half were Adirondack chairs. Luckily I didn't have to do that today as when I came home, my spot was still available. Perhaps if I can dig it out tomorrow, I'll move a trash bin into the spot!

  3. Graet cap, I just love the modern day pin up girls.

    I can't say I mis it, that we didn't have much snow so far, the 2 inches we had her last weekend gave me more than enough practice in shuffeling it. The parking spots are a problem over here as well, fortunately where to leave the snow isn't. I left it in such a way, the children in the neighborhood made a large snowman from it.

    1. Good for them! Glad they were able to have fun with it. Most of the snow here is dirty from being shoveled, driven over, or sanded and salted.

      We are supposed to get another 9-12 here tonight! AARRGGHH!! The previous snow hasn't even melted at ALL!