Monday, January 26, 2015

No Makeup .. and Time to Makeup!

"Flair and Balanced" should be this blog's motto.

I think I hit a bit of a nerve with the last posting here and with the same caption on the Haven. Mostly that I was being hard on women I believe was the general conceit. Fair assessment I think, but it was done more so as a "honestly what *IS* the main difference between a genetic girl and a transgender person that identifies as a female?" I used she-male because that is what I had in the caption, and they tend to be more 'fetish'ized by outsiders than others.

I almost wonder if some got upset as more of a "how dare you tear females down from the pedestal that we usually place women of the female persuasion upon here in the TG genre?" I thought it more empowering in this case to make the case that Lady Tiffany was not only a woman, but a woman with extra pizazz. I have heard the argument that its hard for a male to compete with a lesbian for a woman's affection as she knows what the girl wants, well I think that perhaps we are also selling our sissy and transgendered folks short too then!

Anyway, I wrote this one around the same I wrote the last one, and I didn't have it in mind for anyone in particular. I was struck by just how pretty the model was with little to no makeup (whatever is there is pretty subtle), mussed up hair, and it was definitely the opposite of many glamour models we see in our usual TG captions.

It set up the story that I crafted, of two friends that probably had a fall out over a change of identity. You think you really know someone and then it shocks you out of the blue. Perhaps you felt deceived or left out of the thought process, or some of your self-image was built on being best buddies .. male buddies. Does it make you a girl, or gay, or whatever if a close friend comes out?

All feelings that affect both people. Being in this subculture, we know of the side this main character is going through. We often look at the other side as being uncaring if they don't accept what we'd like them to do for us. They see a deceit being played out upon them, when often the "lies" were being perpetrated more for the transpersons benefit .. a self-deception. They wonder themselves if the relationship was based on half-truths. In this realm, common decency and reaching out for understanding are the best paths for healing .. on both sides of the playing field .. which can hopefully give the participants a win-win scenario.

Hope everyone out there has a warm and safe Snowmageddon 2015 out there. Not looking forward to shoveling and/or driving in this when it all finishes up .. which might not be until Wednesday morning! Oh how I wish I was in Arizona with the Patriots! I'd deflate MY balls for a chance to keep them warm until all this upcoming snow melts!

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  1. A lovely heartwarming cap.
    I guess that is a problem, how to tell a good friend that you are not who you appeared to be, and how they would react to that revelation. How many have never dared to to share their most important sectret, even with their best friends, afraid of loosing them?
    After all, not all endings are like this one.