Friday, January 30, 2015

The Wrong Part of Town for Geoff ..

.. but what about Dolly?

Well, I had originally made this one for Geoff/Dolly from Sissify Me Captions, but I figured I would open it up to someone that wouldn't mind starring in it, but I waited 2 days and no one volunteered, so back to Dolly! I'm sure she won't mind! I was hoping to find another person like her that I could steer captions like this toward, but no one too the bait!

I thought the picture was really fun to work with, and you really can't go with anything subtle with it. I think the photo was perfect for a "Wrong place at the right time" caption, and when I was proofreading it, I wonder if the secretary set Geoff up, or was it just happenstance. It wasn't my intention during the creation, but now I've got my suspicions. Speaking of being suspicious, I think this would be the second post in a row where the protagonist is taking some sort of drugs! I can't imagine either of these changed women "JUST SAYING NO!" in their new scenarios!

We hit 3500 comments the other day here, and I would like to thank every one that has left words of encouragement, disagreed with something I said, or was just being neighborly and dropped in to say "HI!" while they were in the area. Sometimes I just like to drop into an old caption and see what I wrote about and what responses I received. Perhaps it will jog an idea for a future creation or be a slight diversion in my day. So glad I can share it all with you!


  1. Fun cap, one could indeed wonder if Geoff´s secretary had a hand in it.

  2. A Good fun caption. Dam dat pimp!

  3. Sorry I haven't been here or the haven to see this. Such a great cap... thanks for the fun :-)